• A man from Mombasa is smiling all the way to the bank after the court awarded him half a million over National Identity Card (ID) replacement error.

    In one of a kind ruling, the Mombasa High Court judge Eric Kennedy Ogola compensated the man Ksh500,000 after evidence showed that the government failed to replace his ID.

    Before the court’s verdict, he had tried to replace his identity card for close to 30 years but his efforts were in vain.

    A File Photo of Someone Holding His National Identity card
    A File Photo of Someone Holding His National Identity card

    Judge Ogola ruled that the man is a Kenyan citizen who is entitled to all rights and privileges provided for under Chapter Three of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

    “An order is hereby issued compelling and directing the 1st respondent (registrar of persons) to forthwith replace the petitioner’s (Gulleid) lost identity card,” the judgement read in part.

    The judge further reprimanded the government for condemning the man unheard.

    “From the foregoing, and the failure by the respondents to rebut the factual matters in the amended petition, this court finds that the petitioner has proved on a balance of probability that he was condemned unheard by the 1st respondent.”

    His almost three-decade battle for his ID replacement by the registrar of persons begun in 1989.

    Narrating his ordeal to the court, he said he had continuously applied for the replacement of his ID and even visited the registrar of person’s offices in Nairobi but still nothing came of it.

    He told the court that the registrar of persons had reportedly blocked him from their system due to a prior apprehension for having two IDs.

    He decried that having no ID made him lose government funds that were being offered during the pandemic.

    To prove his identity as a Kenyan citizen, he produced his father’s ID, his school leaving certificate, a copy of his lost identity card, and a letter from the regional intelligence coordinator at the Coast region who confirmed this fact.

    Mombasa Law Courts Building
    Mombasa Law Courts Building
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