Caleb Ewan rockets to Tour de France bunch sprint victory

Australian rider Caleb Ewan produced an irresistible late burst of speed to pip a stunned Sam Bennett of Ireland on the finish line of...

Hope and expectation as Tour de France starts in virus shadow

The Tour de France set off from the French Riviera on Saturday, two months later than planned and under the shadow of a coronavirus...

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US Exempts India’s Activities at Iran’s Chabahar Port from Sanctions: Report

- Economy news - The Sunday Express said in a recent report that US authorities had signaled India’s...

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What Are Milk Snakes?

Milk snakes are beautiful creatures with distinctive colors and unique patterns that set them apart from all other slippery serpents. They are often confused with the highly dangerous coral snake, but they pose no inherent danger to humans, as they are non-poisonous. On the contrary, they are quite popular as pets and are bred and kept in captivity by snake lovers around the world. Milk snakes are a species that belongs to the King Snake species and the genus Lampropeltis. In Greek, this translates to “shiny shield”, which is an apt name for the genus, as it does have a very glossy appearance. With that in The post What Are Milk Snakes? appeared first on Science ABC .

Strange Things Kenyans Noticed as Kibaki Viewed Moi’s Body [PHOTOS]

A section of Kenyans were quick to make various...

China yaionya Australia dhidi ya kuingilia kati mambo yake ya ndani

Beijing,China imesema kuwa imesikitishwa na inapinga kile ilichokitaja kuwa...