DA leader John Steenhuisen has challenged President Cyril Ramaphosa to call Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu to order for comments she recently made on the country’s judiciary.

Sisulu penned an article, in which she criticises the constitution and black judges, claiming the rule of law does not serve African values and interests. Like the DA, many have taken issue with Sisulu’s remarks, accusing her of baselessly attacking the constitution.

Steenhuisen has called on Ramaphosa to act by ordering Sisulu to retract and issue a public apology.

“Even if no formal finding of wrongdoing has been made on Sisulu’s remarks, President Ramaphosa has an obligation to protect public trust in the constitutional integrity of other arms of government,” he said in a statement.

Sisulu’s article has been the subject of massive backlash recently and prompted speculation of pending drama within the African National Congress (ANC), particularly ahead of the party’s national elective conference.


John Steenhuisen has further taken aim at Lindiwe Sisulu, saying her remarks about the constitution are in violation of her oath of office.

Steenhuisen has also called on Sisulu to appear before Parliament’s Ethics Committee and explain how, as an MP, she reconciles her attack on the Judiciary with the Parliamentary Code of Conduct.

“Simply put, Minister Sisulu is not fit for Cabinet, and anywhere else her job would be on the line. In a functional democracy a member of the Executive who launches a calculated and damaging attack on the integrity of the Judiciary would be summarily fired by the Head of the Executive. But we also know that President Ramaphosa demands very little in terms of accountability and ethics from his ministers and is unlikely to take such action”

“The overwhelming majority of South Africa’s judicial officers have consistently conducted themselves with integrity and probity in the discharge of their duties. It would be highly irresponsible to let politicians, especially a sitting Cabinet Minister, undermine their work through unsubstantiated claims of bias”

DA leader John Steenhuisen

In the article, Sisulu questioned whether the Constitution had done enough to address the structural conditions created by apartheid and colonialism.

“The most dangerous African today is the mentally colonised African. And when you put them in leadership positions or as interpreters of the law, they are worse than your oppressor. They have no African or Pan African inspired ideological grounding. Some are confused by foreign belief systems,” she also said.

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