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Defence min. ready to handover Fakhra vaccine to health min.

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Dr. Ahmad Karimi said that “Fakhra” vaccine has entered its third clinical trial phase after it received permission from the Iranian Food and Drug Administration (FDA) following its successful phased 1 and 2 of clinical trials.

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He said that in the third phase of its clinical trial which began earlier today, the vaccine will be injected into as many as 40,000 people, adding that in the first phase it was tested on 135 volunteers while in the second phase, this number increased to 500 people.

The director of the project added that in the third phase they are seeking to assess the effectiveness of Fakhra vaccine.

Dr. Karimi noted that the first two phases of the clinical trial showed that Fakhra had no serious side effects, stressing that the locally manufactured vaccine, which is developed in the Iranian Defense Ministry, is one of the safest vaccines.

According to him, “The Fakhra vaccine creates adequate immunization in people,” adding that, the vaccine “was able to produce enough antibodies in the body that these antibodies can neutralize the Coronavirus.”

He declared that the Fakhra vaccine platform is based on the killed virus.


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