Don’t Miss Out on These Amazing Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case Deals

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a gorgeous phone that needs all the protection you can give it.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 phones are out and people love them. While all smartphones from the S23 line are great, the Ultra is the one that many people will choose because it has the best stats and camera. If you just bought yourself the S23 flagship phone, you’re going to want to add a case to protect it from those inevitable drops.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Details

Get ready for a phone that takes “big” to the extreme! The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra boasts a spectacular 6.8-inch QHD+ screen – the largest you can find on the market right now. With dimensions of 6.43 x 3.07 x 0.35 inches, it’s not exactly petite and might be a bit tricky to grip if you have smaller hands. If you’re investing $1,200 in this beauty (unless you find a great deal for it), we suggest you play it safe and shield that magnificent screen with a sturdy case.


The Ultra comes in multiple configurations! You can grab one with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, or you can bump it up to 12GB RAM. If you choose that option, you can choose between 512GB or 1TB storage – though that’ll come at a higher price. What’s powering this device is the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, made especially for Galaxy devices. This chip gives a wicked 34% boost in CPU and over 40% boost in GPU performance – meaning it’ll make your phone operate like a dream!

The primary camera has a whooping 200MP. The new ISOCELL HP2 sensor ensures your new Samsung phone will perform better in low-light conditions and capture more details. The 8K videos at 30fps are also worth your attention.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra also comes with a 5,000mAh battery. Paired with the new chip, this phone should have a better battery life than the S22 Ultra from last year. You’re supposed to be able to get through a full day without any problems.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Red colorway

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

$1050 $1200 Save $150

So, how about we start looking for some great phone cases for your new Galaxy S23 Ultra? There are loads available with discounts already, so let’s find the best ones.

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case Deals

  • SPIDERCASE for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

    SPIDERCASE for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

    Looking for a tough phone case? Check out Spidercase’s waterproof case for the fantastic S23 Ultra! It covers both the front and back, providing top-notch protection for your phone. Plus, you can still use the fingerprint sensor thanks to the screen protector. Trust us, this case is awesome. Don’t forget to also apply the on-page coupon for a better price.

  • Caseology Parallax for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

    The Caseology Parallax case for the S23 Ultra is the perfect way to add some personality to your shiny new phone. This case is sleek and stylish, with a textured back that feels great to the touch and makes it easy to keep a good grip on your phone. And best of all, it’s designed to protect your phone from all kinds of accidents and drops. Plus, the raised back means your camera system stays safe too. So why wait?

  • spigen tough armor galaxy s23 ultra

    Spigen Tough Armor for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

    If you’re looking for a case that will thoroughly protect your phone from falls, then this one from Spigen is the right solution. Intending to make your life easier, this case also features a kickstand so you can use your phone hands-free. Whether you’re sneaking a peek at some Netflix show or playing a game while pretending you’re working, you’re good to go. The case comes with raised edges to protect the screen and the camera and extreme protection tech to dissipate shocks.

  • temdan for galaxy s23 ultra

    Temdan for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

    If you want to ensure your phone is protected from all sides, Temdan comes with a great solution by encasing the phone on all sides. Not only does it protect it better, but it also makes it waterproof. In fact, since this one has IP68 waterproof protection, you can even take pics while in the ocean, so that’s pretty cool. This is a full-body heavy-duty case that will protect your phone from drops.

  • spigen thin fit for samsung galaxy s23 ultra

    Spigen Thin Fit for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

    If you’re rocking a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you know it’s a big boy. But fear not, my friend! Spigen has your back. Literally. Their case is slim and stylish, while still providing ample protection for your phone. Worried about accidentally dropping it? No worries! The Spigen won’t slip from your hand. Plus, the raised bezel on the front and camera lens coverage ensure extra shielding. Don’t forget to check the box on the Amazon page to get an extra discount.

  • janmitta soft feel s23 ultra case

    Janmitta Soft Touch Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

    Soft touch cases are simply awesome, especially if that’ texture is one you enjoy. They’re a great choice for anyone who handles their phone a ton every day. This Janmitta case is super slim, while still offering your phone protection against falls, which is great, especially considering just how expensive the S23 Ultra is. The case has a microfiber lining to better protect your brand-new device. You can get this one in a dozen color options, including dark green, pink, lilac, blue, white, and more.

  • Anngelas Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

    Anngelas Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

    This awesome phone case from Anngelas is built to protect your phone from all your clumsy moments and even comes with raised edges to safeguard your camera lenses. The sliding lens cover gives an extra layer of defense too. And for those binge-watching sessions, you can prop your phone up on any surface with the 360-degree rotating ring kickstand. It’s the perfect mix of security and convenience!

  • TORRAS Guardian Magnetic Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

    TORRAS Guardian Magnetic Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

    A clean design is something we always love on a case, including this Torras Guardian Magnetic case. Not only will this case perfectly protect your phone if you drop it, but it will make the S23 Ultra MagSafe compatible. There are built-in magnets in the case, so you’ll be able to quickly and easily use this phone with any MagSafe charger.

  • GVIEWIN Samsung S23 Ultra Case

    GVIEWIN Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

    This GVIEWIN case brings in some color to your life by throwing in a marble design. You can choose one of many designs, depending on what accent colors you’re interested in. This is a dual-layer phone case that will protect the phone’s back and screen. There’s also protection available for the phone’s camera system.

  • Vipcase dual Guard for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

    Vipcase Dual Guard for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

    The Vipcase Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has a great design and looks sleek with rounded edges and textured material. The combination of solid PC on the back and soft TPU lining on the inside will properly protect your device. Plus, the raised screen edges and the camera bezels will ensure the most breakable areas of the phone are going to be OK if you drop your device. You should get this one as soon as possible because it is down to its best price ever.


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