Dorit Kemsley Cries Recalling Fearing Home Invaders “Killing My Kids”

After hearing the front door open and getting up to see what was happening, Dorit recalled, “That’s when I saw not a little person but a big person…When he saw me, he panicked and he charged at me, grabbed me, put me down. ‘Get down on the f–king ground. I’m going to f–king kill you.’ Put a gun to me and I was just hunched over.”

She pleaded in tears, “Please, I have little babies. Please, I’m a mother. Please, I beg of you. My kids need me.”

“I was begging and the other guy goes, ‘Just f–king kill her,'” she added. “All I could think in my head was I have to do anything to save these kids. They need their mommy.”

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