Bongiwe Ndlovu became a trending sensation on Twitter this week, after she took action against a BMW-driving neighbour who was double-parked in her allocated spot. The Johannesburg-based resident went viral, after she used her own car to trap the offending vehicle in place.

Double-parked BMW sparks huge row in Johannesburg complex

Ndlovu soon booked an Uber and sped away from the complex, before receiving a bunch of calls from her neighbour, and the security personnel. They were allegedly ‘screaming’ at her to shift the white VW Polo, but Ndlovu was in no rush to comply.

Needless to say, once the drama made its way online, people couldn’t get enough.

  • On Sunday, Bongiwe Ndlovu noticed her neighbour was double-parked in her car parking space.
  • She then uploaded a picture of her own reaction, and said she would be ignoring all calls and answering no doors in the meantime.
  • Accusing the BMW driver of ‘racism’, Ndlovu left for work in an Uber yesterday.
  • Frantic efforts to contact her fell short, but at some point on Monday, the Polo driver came back to the complex.
  • The car has since been moved, and it would appear the dispute ended with no face-to-face confrontations.

BMW driver eventually moves car, following parking lot dust-up

The captivating tale seems to have an amicable ending. Another neighbour in the complex decide to brave the battlefield on Monday, and walked over to the infamous car parking spot. There was no sign of the BMW, and the Polo driver was able to reclaim her lot:

Bongiwe, you’re famous now…

All’s well that ends well, then? Not according to those who ended up fully invested in the story: Once the dust had settled, a poll was shared on Twitter, asking if people were happy that Bongiwe moved her car for the BMW driver… and a large majority have said no!

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