Forget getting vaccinated, apparently there’s a revolutionary way to beat COVID-19, and it’s been at your disposal all along – just drink your own urine. That’s according to American anti-vaxxer Christopher Key, who is also the founder of Vaccine Police, a website which reportedly gathers anti-vax contents from all over the internet.

Key posted a video on his Telegram account, in which he claims the urine cure has been around for centuries and encourages his followers to consider it too.

Not only does Key’s claim border on insanity, it is also not supported by science, but try telling that to him and his followers.

Well, the clip somehow managed to make it to Twitter, and users of the app are in utter shock over Key’s utterances.

“The antidote that we have seen now, and we have tons and tons of research, is urine therapy. I know to a lot of you this sounds crazy, but guys, God’s given us everything we need… Tests can prove all things. This has been around for centuries – we have got research after research, documented papers on urine,”

Christopher Keys


It comes as no surprise that Christopher Keys’ has even landed in trouble with the law – he appeared in court in 4 January for an incident which occurred in April 2021.

Keys was at a grocery store and refused to wear a mask, in line with COVID-19 protocols. He was then asked to leave by staff and refused, which led to his arrest. He was charged with third-degree trespassing.

Well, that’s not all – when he appeared in court, Keys again refused to wear a mask, telling the judge he had a medical/religious exemption.

The presiding judge Ross eventually ordered Key be taken into custody, AL reports.

“Defendant was advised several times to put on a mask if he wished to address the court and to turn his camera off. Due to his failure to comply with the Orders of this Court, his bond is revoked,” Ross said.

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