The surprising addition to the Bad Habit singer’s home will be located within a church that is currently being constructed at the property, which has been dubbed “Sheeran-ville”.

Drawings sent to East Suffolk District Council show that the chamber will be constructed under the knave of the church, which will contain eight pews, an altar, an upstairs gallery, stained-glass windows and a tower.

Donald Insall Associates, the agents for the project, said in previously submitted documents: “It would address an important need for a private place of retreat for contemplation and prayer, for celebration of key life and family milestones.

“The proposed building would be a space truly ancillary to the main house, but apart from it in order to provide calm and separation.”

The church is a smaller version of the wedding chapel Ed had originally hoped to build in 2018, but was rejected by locals. It will be based on the edge of the property and screened by trees, to ensure privacy for Ed and his family.

Ed has an incredible property portfolio and is reported to own 27 flats, houses and mansions worth an estimated £57million ($78million), including a £19.8million townhouse in London.

However, the 30-year-old and his wife Cherry Seaborn spend much of their time at their rural Suffolk estate, which now consists of five neighbouring homes and boasts a swimming pool, two-storey treehouse, a lake, and even a private pub.

The extensive renovations and additions to the estate have been the subject of controversy among Ed’s neighbours, something that he addressed in a radio interview on The Hits Radio Breakfast Show in 2021.

Opening up about his planning permission disputes, Ed said: “Do you know the craziest [planning dispute] for me, is the lake that I had dug. Well, it’s essentially a pond that is grey filled with tadpoles and swamp stuff – it’s not a swimming pool, it’s a lake… they make it look blue online like it does not look like that at all. There’s no filter system, it’s naturally cleaned itself with the plants that are in it. There’s a big thing about like wildlife and newts.”

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