In this drill, border commandos of Iran’s Law Enforcement Force (Police) displayed their defense and combat capabilities in northern waters of the Persian Gulf in order to ensure the security of the borders of the country.

Commander of Border Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran Brigadier-General Ahmadi Ali Goudarzi said that the duty of border guards at sea borders is to control and coordinate border exchanges and establish maritime discipline in a way that ensures the security of the Persian Gulf region.

Under the auspices of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, security of the Persian Gulf is under the strict supervision and protection of the Armed Forces which is necessary for the country and also neighboring countries in the region, he emphasized.

He went on to say that the purpose of the military drill entitled “Eghtedar 4” is to improve the operational capacity and rescue at sea, to fight against all kinds of smuggling at sea.

Dealing with illegal traders and those who intend to cause disorder and smuggle products via sea are one of the important priorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s border guard.