• Getting an audience with Deputy President William Ruto is seemingly a great achievement, going by the extreme extent shown by some supporters.

    The DP not only boasts of tight security detail but also has a hectic schedule. Some supporters have thus resorted to peculiar tactics to be spotted by Ruto.

    In one such instance, a man was seen sitting precariously on top of an elevated wheelbarrow as the Deputy President spoke at a rally.

    The man, oblivious of the risks, kept waving at the attending crowd and recording cameras, with all his trust vested in the metallic rod that supported his wheelbarrow, and one man beneath who strengthened it. 

    William Ruto
    A man sits precariously on top of an elevated wheelbarrow during one of Deputy President William Ruto’s rallies in Moi’s Bridge, Uasin Gishu County

    How the ardent supporter came down from the elevated wheelbarrow was a mystery, leave alone how he got there in the first place.

    In another instance, a resident in Nyamira County renamed his eating joint, Bottom Up Hotel, after the DP’s economic model.

    Zachary Matunda got the chance to meet the DP, and South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro in November 2021. The DP left Matunda a token of appreciation after having a cup of tea at his modest hotel. 

    Another Laikipia resident also rebranded his vintage car with the DP’s name, United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party symbols and the bottom-up slogan.

    DP Ruto, during a visit to the region early in December 2021, rode in the car as he acknowledged goodwill messages from the loyal supporter.

    In quite a controversial and daring move, one Lawrence Amuke Oprong chained himself to the DP’s Harambee House office’s gate on Tuesday, January 11. 

    Reports indicated that Oprong, the son of the late Busia North MP Fredrick Oduya Oprong, was following up on a job offer yet to be honoured by the DP. 

    He was, however, apprehended by plain cloth officers who broke the chain using a hacksaw. Oprong was briefly detained at the Central Police Station and is set to be charged with causing public disorder.

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