By Julius Maricha

Dar es Salaam. The Fair competition Commission (FCC) in collaboration with police officers from Msimbazi Station has seized fake rungu max products, in a surprise swop at the Kariakoo market.
The arrests were made following reports of fake razor blades were smuggled into the country and branded ‘rungu max’.
A few days ago the company reported the arrest of an entrepreneur after being caught with more than 300 cartons of fake razor blades worth more than Sh105 million.
Speaking to journalists in Mchikichini Street immediately after completing the operation, Rungu Company Sales Manager Noel Lema, said they were going to conduct a nationwide survey to ensure they get all fake products using the company’s trademark.
 “The products they make, have copied our logo and the color, but the difference is that the original razor blade is made with quality and certified by TBS (Tanzania Bureau of Standards)”.
Mr Lema added that the price of one carton of Rungu max certified by TBS is Sh590,000 whereas the fake ones are sold at Sh350,000.
Owner of the shop where the fake goods were seized, Stephen Nzira said, he had been buying those products from the street vendors while other products in his shop were ordered from other places of the country.
“I buy from the street vendors but I have been buying other products from various parts of the country”. Mr Njira said
However, the commission officials could not be reached for comment as they told journalists saying the spokesperson had an emergency.

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