Feng Shui Décor Tips For Positive “Chi”

In English, Feng Shui translates to “water” and “wind.” It is a prehistoric philosophy of the Chinese people that is used to develop a balance between the environmental as well as physical aspects of a living area. Chi means the energy to live a full life. The Chinese like to believe that the philosophy of Feng Chi is a great way to fend off negativity and that it also helps you reach the goal of ultimate inner peace while helping you prosper monetarily.

If you want to make a noticeable difference in your life, you should design your living space according to Feng Shui decor. 

Feng Shui For The Bedroom

It is the place where most of us like to crash after a long day of work, making it one of the most significant parts of the house! Everything is connected with this room, from sleep schedules to inner peace. Hence, some Feng Shui ideas can give the place a higher potential. Getting rid of old things is the first step; get a new soft rug to bring in a calm and cozy vibe. 

It is also suggested that you eliminate reflective objects such as mirrors as they can be points of distraction. Soft pastel colors are seemingly the colors of this year, and the perfect shade for the bedroom would be a light green or blue. 

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F H/Pexels | Light shades are perfect for a peaceful environment in the bedroom

Feng Shui For The Bathroom

It is recommended by the Feng Shui decor for the bathroom to never be in the same direction as your house. The ideal place for your bathroom in the house is the northeast. The Bagua map says that the bathroom should be placed at this location as it has the lowest energy source in the entire house. 

Feng Shui experts also say that using wickers and light and warm shades like turquoise, blue, peach, green, pink, creamy white, and yellow is great. The best shape of the mirror to use in the bathroom is oval, and it is recommended to use mellow lighting. 

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Joe/Pexels | The bathroom should never be placed in the same direction as the house

Feng Shui For The Living Room

The room should be airy, well-lit, and tidy. A great way to attract chi of the earth element is by adding potted plants. Plants with well-rounded leaves are the best for Feng Shui. Plants such as cacti and plants with bushy thorns are not recommended to be kept in the living room of a house. 

Pointy plants don’t belong in a peaceful space. Another important part of a good living space is that all the furniture should not have pointy edges and that their backs should not be against a door. It’s the same deal for sculptures; they shouldn’t have any pointy edges, either.

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Jean van der Meulen/Pexels | Round-leaved plants should be a part of the living room to add Chi


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