Gachagua’s Damning Claims on How Uhuru is Misusing Police Funds [VIDEO]

  • Kenya Kwanza presidential running mate, Rigathi Gachagua, now claims that President Uhuru Kenyatta took away funds allocated to the National Police Service (NPS) and allocated them to the Azimio La Umoja presidential campaigns.

    Speaking on Thursday, June 30, during the Kenya Kwanza manifesto launch, Gachagua alleged that the Office of the President altered the police budget to fund the Constitution (Amendment) Bill famously known as the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and Raila Odinga’s campaigns. 

    He blamed an accounting officer at the Office of the President for taking directives from his boss to divert police funds.

    Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua speaking during Kenya Kwanza Alliance Manifesto launch on Thursday June 30, 2022
    Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua speaking during the Kenya Kwanza Alliance Manifesto launch on Thursday, June 30, 2022
    Gachagua’s Twitter

    “The fund at the Office of the President is controlled by the accounting officer, that fund for the last 5 years is what has been diverted to fund the BBI and the Azimio campaign,” alleged Gachagua.

    The Mathira Member of Parliament went ahead to claim that the Office of the President took away money allocated to criminal intelligence and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and used it to fund political activities aimed at ensuring Deputy President William Ruto does not ascend to the presidency in August.

    “Money meant for criminal intelligence by the DCI has been held at the Office of the President and is being used to fund political activities.”

    The outspoken MP added that the Kenya Kwanza administration will ensure such funds are reverted to the rightful departments.

    “This money will be returned to the police once we win the election,” stated Gachagua, adding that this is in line with the police reforms to be instituted by the Kenya Kwanza regime under Ruto.

    The Jubilee administration has been put on the spot over alleged misuse of taxpayers money.

    When the Supreme Court threw out the BBI, Gachagua asked President Uhuru Kenyatta and his team to refund the taxpayers money that had been used in the process.

    Gachagua argued that the President was pushing for the BBI with an aim of remaining in office longer.

    The Kenya Kwanza running mate has also maintained that they will recover all government money that has been stolen by rogue public servants and the same channeled to more meaningful projects.

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