• The government has introduced a new technology seeking to nab errant landlords in urban areas within Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu cities.

    The technology, which is still in its final stages of development, will use a block management system to get records about landlords across the country including their properties and income.

    Block management is the process of managing residential properties through a service charge. It involves constant surveillance of maintenance, repairs, insurance of the building and upgrades. 

    The new system unveiled by the government will rely on the Geographic Information System (GIS) to get a clearer picture of buildings in a particular area.

    A statement showing the Landlord - Tenant Law.
    A statement showing the Landlord-Tenant Law.

    It will also analyse utility bills such as power and water bills spent by individual landlords to determine income and classify those who regularly pay taxes and those who don’t.

    “We are investing in block management and geo-mapping systems to map out all these urban areas like Nairobi and Mombasa and get to know where these landlords are and who is paying what tax and who is not paying what tax.

    “It is work in progress in that area (rental income tax) and we will bring all of them (landlords) under tax net,” assured an official.

    The new development is aimed at getting as many landlords into the tax brackets as possible to expand the country’s revenue sources.

    This is the latest attempt by the state to have landlords accountable over their finances as well as the type of their tenants.

    Previously, the National Police Service introduced a new rule targeting landlords that may land them a 2-year jail term if overlooked.

    In a new set of laws, landlords were required to keep records of businesses in their premises and individual tenants in an effort to curb drug trafficking.

    The records will be used to track down tenants even after they relocate. 

    “We are even going to the extent of monitoring premises where drugs are manufactured and stored and the landlord as well. To be fair, every landlord will have to keep a register of confirmed addresses and details of individuals that they are renting their premises for purposes of trade.

    “We want a situation where we are able to trace individuals who are using particular premises. If you don’t keep that record and you cannot convince us, then you are subjected to a fine of Ksh2 million or you are jailed for two years.,” stated former Police Spokesperson, Charles Owino. 

    An aerial view of Kaloleni Estate in Nairobi.
    An aerial view of Kaloleni Estate in Nairobi.
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