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Head of Iran embassy in Paris summoned

Following the arrest of two European individuals who were provoking riots in the country, the Foreign Ministry of France summoned the head of the Iranian embassy in Paris.

Two Europeans who had entered the country tasked with provoking riots by abusing some routine protests by workers and other classes of the society to undermine the security of the country were identified and arrested by the Iranian intelligence service, said the ministry’s statement.

According to the statement, the two elements, who hold residency from a European country, were carrying out the mission of foreign intelligence services.

The statement further reads that the agents were professionals in the field of provoking riots and instability by training local rioters in Iran for years.

The statement also added that all the movements of the conspirators had been fully monitored and documented from the moment they entered the country.


Iran’s Intelligence Ministry also warned foreign conspirators and their internal accomplices that the ministry would spare no effort in ensuring the nation’s security.


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