South African president Cyril Ramaphosa has confirmed that the country is stepping into lockdown level 1 as of Friday 1 October, the announcement was made on Thursday night 30 September.


Ramaphosa said the decision to move to level 1 was due to declining Covid-19 cases and growing numbers of Mzansi citizens getting vaccinated.

Some of the highlights of the altered restrictions include the curfew falling between 00:00 to 4:00, restaurants and bars enjoying added hours, and the sale of liquor will be permitted seven days a week.

Here are the full changes:

  • Curfew is now in place from 00:00 to 4:00 – shortened by one hour.
  • People are free to buy alcohol, on or off-site, everyday (but no later than 23:00).
  • Restaurants, bars, and gyms, etc can stay open until 23:00.
  • The maximum number of people allowed to meet indoors is now up to 750.
  • The maximum number of people allowed to meet outdoors is now up to 2 000. Smaller venues must only accommodate 50% of capacity.
  • 100 people can now attend a funeral, which is up from 50. But after-tears gatherings are still banned.

The level 1 move has typically drawn high excitement from Mzani peeps but not from everyone though.


Here are some of the most popular reactions that came from Twitter on Thursday night going into Friday morning.

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