Popular South African alcoholic cider Savanna is enjoying a stellar year. The Distell Group said the brand has doubled in size over the last 12 months. Customers began complaining that the beverage was in short supply at certain stores across the country.


Savanna’s Marketing Manager, Eugene Lenford, said the brand’s newfound popularity has created significant pressure on supply and demand.

“We want to start by apologising and reassuring South Africans that millions of litres of your favourite cider is still being produced each week and allocated to local retailers to make sure that you do not miss your favourite crisp and dry cider, over the festive season,” said Lenford in a statement.

Savanna’s struggle to keep up with demand has been exasperated by a global glass shortage and shipping delays because of the COVID-19 pandemic over the last year, according to Lenford. “The demand for Savanna’s range of premium ciders has exceeded supply for an extended period.”

The marketing manager said the company beverage producer is working on a number of solutions to avoid future shortages. He added that Savanna will be available over the festive season in greater volumes than in previous years and discouraged customers from buying in bulk.


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