Once upon a time in Hollywood, Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat sparked romance rumors.

While their outings turned out to be nothing more than friendly, the 32-year-old actress still hasn’t forgotten about the 2019-2020 buzz over their relationship status.

Luckily, it seems like the frenzy has since calmed down. When asked in an interview with The New Yorker if people still follow her around in hopes of getting close to Pitt, Shawkat replied, “Thank God, no. It came in hot and left as fast as it came in. It happened during covid, and I was alone with it. It was so weird. Now it’s like a weird dream, where I’m, like, Did that happen?”

But how did Pitt feel about all the attention? According to Shawkat, the 58-year-old Oscar winner “had no awareness of it at all.”

“Which is so funny,” she continued. “Because he doesn’t read that s–t. I was, like, ‘You know everyone thinks we’re dating? And there’s this whole thing, and I’m being followed.’ And he was, like, ‘I’m sorry. It happens. If you hang out with me, it happens.’ He had no awareness of it at all.”

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