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How Do I Review a Business On Google?

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Google wants to help users find helpful, high-quality content about local businesses. Each year, millions of people come to Google Search and specifically Google Maps for information on places to eat, shop, drink or visit. Often this includes reviews left by others who have had first-hand experience at the establishment. So, how do I review a business on Google?

How Do I Leave A Google Review

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To make it easy for people to review a business on Google, Google offers a way for you to review businesses from Google Search and Google Maps. To leave a good or bad Google review for a business, simply Google the name of the business, followed by their location.
Google will then show you Google listings across Google Search and Google Maps that match your query. Locate the listing with an address or phone number matching the Google Place Page for this business.

Click on “write a review” in the Google Place Page header to start writing. Your review will appear shortly after you submit it.
Google lets you rate businesses on Google Maps on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Google displays ratings for all Google Reviews across Google Search and Google Maps, including your review.

Google uses the average star rating to identify high-quality Google Places listings. You have a choice to select a Google Rating when you submit your Google Review. Google only displays the Google Rating for Google Reviews across Google Search and Google Maps, not the individual star ratings.

Reviews are posted publicly to Google Places, with the exception of some user-generated content. If you have concerns about sharing personal information when writing a Google review, please take a minute to read Google’s review policies and Google Terms of Service. Google does not share or sell your information with any third party unless they have your permission.

How do I write a Google Review?

Writing an honest Google Review doesn’t take long and they encourage you to give your candid feedback about your experience. You can write Google Reviews on any Google Place page.

Be sure you are writing a true version of events. Remember, by writing this review, you will be affecting the businesses rating. If the events you write are untrue, Google can remove your Google Review and may even ban you from Google Reviews. Google allows businesses to respond to Google reviews, so be prepared for a response and plan on handling the situation maturely and with civility.

Next, Google has lots of tips and tricks on how to write a Google review. They recommend that you use your real name when writing Google reviews. This makes it more authentic for everyone and also allows the owner of the business to reach out, should you be reporting a problem.

Google needs in-depth details. The more details you an give about the experience, the better your review may score. So, be as detailed as you can be. Google also suggests that you offer examples of the way the business has helped you in your life or business if the business has done something specific for you.

Google Reviews Can Help Your Business Too

Google reviews are also factored into Google’s search rankings, so Google reviews might help your rankings too! Considering that most people do their research online these days, Google reviews are becoming more and more important. Google reviews can also help your Google My Business listing rank higher on Google Maps, so this is another reason to get Google reviews.

The Google review process can seem a little daunting at first but once you’ve had a few Google reviews under your belt it’s super simple! You can gain them from previous and current customers and there are many tips and tricks you can implement to get them coming in thick and fast!

If you are not set up on Google My Business yet, make sure to contact The Review Queen to help you. Our team of Google experts will have you up and ready in no time. In just a few short weeks you could be transforming your business with Google Reviews.

Already Set Up in Google My Business?

Do you have a Google review page or an established Google presence? Is it easy for customers to get in contact with you and get the information they need? If you are answering yes, then reach out for incredible strategies on getting seen and heard using Google Reviews.

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