How Tech Can Help You Improve Your Running Form and Find the Right Gear

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As a runner, finding the best running shoe that suits your unique foot shape, as well as working to improve your stride, can go a long way toward supporting your overall running habit. With help from a virtual running shoe fitting, some great apps, and a few other services, leveling up your running game is easier than ever.


1. Schedule a Virtual Shoe Fitting Over Zoom

Getting a running shoe that fits well can help you maintain a comfortable stride without causing blisters or other irritations. Given the tremendous number of running shoes available, however, choosing the right one can get a bit tricky.

In general, lightweight running shoes with a wide toe box and adequate cushioning are ideal for most runners, according to Current Sports Medicine Reports. Your own foot’s characteristics, including arch height, play a role in shoe selection as well.

For a personal touch, speak with a running shoe expert in person or over Zoom. See whether your local running shops offer these services. Otherwise, book an online appointment with running shoe fitters at shops like Karhu. The 30-minute Zoom chat with a shoe fitting specialist offers personalized advice for the best fit.

Similarly, the Athlete’s Foot site offers a MyFit Virtual service over chat or a phone call. You can even share videos to demonstrate your running style. While there are many awesome gadgets that can help improve your running workouts, there’s no replacing the help you receive from a knowledgeable shoe store employee. They are a runner’s best friend.

2. Get a Shoe Mileage Tracking App

Running in old shoes may contribute to the risk of injury, as cushioning tends to become compressed and less effective over time. The general rule of thumb is to replace running shoes after about 300 to 1,000 kilometers (roughly 200 to 600 miles), or whenever they start to feel uncomfortable to the runner, according to the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

An app like ShoeCycle tracks your mileage for each pair of your running shoes, so you know when it’s time for a replacement. Make a note of the brand, distance, and wear time, and even take a photo to keep track of multiple pairs at once on the Add/Edit Shoes screen.

On the Home tab, add your daily running mileage to see how much distance you’ve logged on a particular pair of running shoes. Lastly, add your favorite pairs to the Hall of Fame, so you know what to look for when it’s time to make a new purchase.

Whether you’re a fan of smart shoes with plenty of features or the old-fashioned variety, the ShoeCycle app will keep up with all of your favorite running shoes.

Download: ShoeCycle for iOS (Free)

3. Consider Your Running Form

To keep improving as a runner, you may want to take a look at your form. Checking your gait, posture, and general running techniques can help make sure you’re running in a safe, effective way.

However, keeping all of this in mind while running—particularly when you’re already feeling fatigued—is much easier said than done. Some of the minute details, such as which part of your foot strikes the ground first, can be tricky to determine, particularly if you’re just starting out.

One option is to get your running gait analyzed by a professional. Physical therapists, as well as many running shoe shops, offer these services. Otherwise, check out the apps that can analyze the way you run. For instance, the Ochy running app checks your form with a simple phone video.

Start by filling out basic information such as your height, weight, and age, as well as your average race pace. Next, have a friend film you running for a quick 10-second clip. The app’s artificial intelligence (AI) checks your posture and provides a detailed report. In my case, the clip revealed that my mid-foot landing is fine, although I need to stop looking down so much.

The app is free to try, although the analysis does require payment. For runners who want greater insight into their form and posture, however, it’s a fast, simple way to check everything from your stride to your arm position.

Download: Ochy – Running form analysis for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Improve Your Running Performance With Apps, Virtual Fittings, and AI

If you want to improve as a runner, even small adjustments can make a big difference. Choosing the right pair of shoes and checking your posture periodically can help prevent injuries and boost your efficiency. To take your running game to the next level, consider trying out these recommended apps and other related services. Running is a natural and enjoyable way to exercise, but with a few simple changes, you can make it even more effective and fun.


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