How to Change the Windows Spotlight Picture Whenever You Want

Windows Spotlight automatically displays images of scenic landscapes, nature, animals, and more on your lock screen and desktop. But what if you don’t like a Spotlight image someday?

Fortunately, you don’t need to wait a day for the Spotlight image to change. You can switch to the next Spotlight picture when you want with this guide.

How to Switch to a New Windows Spotlight Picture on Your Desktop

It’s as easy as a few clicks to set up Windows Spotlight for your desktop and enjoy beautiful images. However, you cannot control or choose the image that Windows Spotlight will display on your desktop.

If you don’t like the Spotlight image on a particular day, you’re not stuck with it on your desktop. You can switch to the next Spotlight picture easily.

  1. You’ll see a camera icon on your desktop on the top right with Learn more about this picture text. Right-click this camera icon.
  2. From the options that drop down, click on Switch to next picture. And you’ll get the next Spotlight picture on your desktop.
    Switch to Next Spotlight Picture on Desktop

  3. You can also change the Spotlight picture by clicking on the Not a fan of this picture option.
    Not A Fan Of This Spotlight Picture Option

    Not only will the picture change, but it will be of a different theme or category from the previous one. For example, if the Spotlight picture you don’t like is showing a natural landscape, the next picture it will select could be of animals in a wildlife reserve.

    New Windows Spotlight Picture

If you give a thumbs up to a picture, you’ll see more images of a similar type.

How to Switch to a New Windows Spotlight Image on Your Lock Screen

Windows Spotlight also displays images on your lock screen before you sign in to Windows. This feature would be enabled by default on your Windows 11 PC.

You can also change the lock screen Spotlight picture when you want.

  1. When you’re on the lock screen, hover with your mouse pointer over the camera icon with the Like the image that you see text.
  2. You’ll see the Not a fan option with the We’ll switch to a new picture text under it.
    Not A Fan Option on Windows Lock Screen

  3. Just click on Not a fan and the Windows Spotlight picture will change. Going forward, Windows Spotlight will avoid showing you similar pictures and display new options instead.

Also, you can change the lock screen picture even when you’re signed in to Windows. Just use the shortcut Win + L to go to the lock screen and change the picture.

If things don’t seem to be working, check out how to fix the Windows Spotlight image not changing.

Enjoy Windows With the Windows Spotlight Images You Like

With a few clicks, you can change the Windows Spotlight picture you don’t like to the next Spotlight image. So keep your desktop and lock screen always decked up with your preferred Spotlight images.

While you’re at it, you can also check out how to unblur the sign-in screen and enjoy the view when signing in to Windows.


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