How to download and send Stickers, GIFs on WhatsApp and Signal

June 20, 2021 is being celebrated as Father’s Day and if you are looking for a way to wish your father, then a good old call is the best option to do so. However, there are other options as well. Like you can send stickers on instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram.In fact, WhatsApp has already launched a Father’s Day Sticker called ‘Papa mere papa’ which can be downloaded right from the Stickers store of the app. For others, several stickers are available.

Wondering how to download and send Father’s Day stickers? Follow our step-by-step guide:

How to download Father’s Day Sticker pack for WhatsApp

As already mentioned, WhatsApp has an official sticker pack for Father’s Day. Follow the steps below to download.


Head to your Father’s personal chat and tap on the emoji icon at from the text box


Then, tap on the Sticker icon from the bottom centre of the screen


At the next screen, look for ‘Papa mere papa’ sticker pack and tap the down-arrow to download it


Once downloaded, head back to the chat -> Emoji icon -> Sticker and look for the sticker you just downloaded


Tap on any sticker to send

How to download Father’s Day Sticker pack for Signal


Head to any chat window and tap on the ‘+’ icon at the right side of the textbox


Choose GIF and then select Stickers


Now, click on the search bar and search for Father’s Day


From the search result, tap on any sticker to send

How to download GIFs


On WhatsApp:
Tap on Smiley icon → Select GIF option -> Tap on the Lens icon-> Search Father’Day


On Signal: Open any chat window -> Tap ‘+’ icon -> Search for Father’Day GIFs -> Tap to send


On Telegram: Download any Father’Day GIF -> Head to any chat window -> Tap on attachment icon -> select the downloaded GIF and send


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