How To Find Out Who Unfollowed an Account on Twitter

Realizing you’ve lost a Twitter follower doesn’t feel great, regardless of how common it is. The whims of social media followers are impossible to keep track of or fully understand. If you have an active Twitter account, seeing these changes might seem normal up to a point.

How To Find Out Who Unfollowed an Account on Twitter

But if suddenly you’re losing more followers than usual, you may want to investigate the matter further. Twitter spam accounts are not a new problem, and the developers occasionally purge the platform, resulting in reduced followers.

But how can you be sure that the unfollowers in question were bots or spam? Third-party tools like Circleboom can help.

Understanding Twitter Rules

If you gain a follower on Twitter, a notification lands on your home screen and brings you the good news. However, you won’t receive a dedicated notification if someone clicks that “Unfollow” button. Therefore, you might only notice that you’ve lost followers when their number significantly decreases.

But not receiving a notification about the unfollow might sound reasonable. After all, that makes matters a little awkward for everyone. Perhaps you can check Twitter’s native tool to see who has unfollowed you. Unfortunately, that won’t work either, as Twitter doesn’t offer such a service to users. However, that doesn’t mean you’re out of options.

Some third-party apps will provide this exact information. You will view the complete list of people that have recently unfollowed you. But often, these apps raise some privacy questions and might not be the safest to use. If you want to protect your online privacy, there are only two secure ways to check who unfollowed you on Twitter.

Method 1 – Manually Check Twitter Accounts

This option will work reasonably well only if you have very few followers and know most of them by name. If you remember someone following you and interacting with them on Twitter, you can search for their account on the “Followers” list.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to Twitter and log into your account.
    log in 4
  2. Click on “Profile,” followed by “Followers” under your profile photo.
    followers 2
  3. Scroll through the list and look for specific accounts.

Again, this is pretty inefficient if you have more than 100 followers or are not looking for a specific account. Therefore, you’re likely better off trying a different approach.

Method 2 – Use Circleboom Twitter Management Tool

Circleboom is more than a basic unfollower tracker. It helps you detect inactive and spam accounts and allows you to build a stronger Twitter presence.

As a Twitter-compliant software, Circleboom is much more than a list of Twitter users that have directly unfollowed you. It offers practical analytical tools and metrics to help you achieve your social media goals.

Therefore, you can use Circleboom to see accounts that you follow but don’t follow you back and perhaps learn if some of them are recent unfollowers.

How to See Who Doesn’t Follow You Back on Twitter

Using Circleboom is fun and easy as the platform has a user-friendly interface. You can create your account within minutes and connect it to your Twitter account.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to Circleboom’s official website.
    circle 17
  2. Select “Get Started” from the top-right corner of the screen.
    get started 1
  3. From the drop-down menu, select “Twitter Management Tool.”
  4. Enter the email address connected to your Twitter account and create a password.

Circleboom’s dashboard will automatically show stats from your Twitter account. You’ll see graphs regarding inactive and overactive friends and organizational tools that can help you manage your tweets.

The next step is to check the list of all the people you follow but they don’t follow you back.

These are the steps to follow:

  1. Move the cursor to the left side of the screen.
  2. When a panel pops up, navigate to “The Circle.”
    the circle 3
  3. Select the “Not Following Back” option. You’ll see a “thumbs down” icon next to it.
    not 1

Premium users will have a complete list of everyone they follow but don’t follow them back. However, if you’re using the free account, you’ll only see 20 accounts. Every account listed shows the username, how many tweets they have posted, their join date, and the number of their followers and friends.

The good news is that you can filter the results somewhat. For example, you can check the “Hide the profiles I visited by using The Circle tool within [x] days” box. The number of days ranges from 10 to 180, which can help you narrow down search results.

Also, you can exclude or include verified accounts. This is a practical feature if you follow many celebrities on Twitter that probably don’t follow you back now, you expect them to be one of your followers.

How This Information Helps

Circleboom’s list of people not following you back doesn’t tell you if people you didn’t follow have unfollowed you.

You won’t learn if a follower you weren’t aware of has decided to stop reading your tweets. However, if you and another account were following each other and are now on the “Not Following Back” list, it means they surely unfollowed you.

But perhaps more importantly, this list of Twitter accounts may tell you who the people you follow that might need extra attention are. You also may want to unfollow some of them as well.

Here’s how that works:

  1. The “Not Following Back” entries have a red “Visit” button next to their name.
  2. When you click the button, a new window opens, showing that Twitter account’s profile.
  3. You can click the “Unfollow” button on their profile and complete the process.
    unfollow 1

Keep in mind that Twitter doesn’t allow massive following and unfollowing campaigns. Therefore, Circleboom doesn’t either, as it ensures the users don’t compromise their accounts and get banned from Twitter.

Keeping Track of Your Twitter Followers

If you’re losing Twitter followers, perhaps you’re wondering why that’s happening. Usually, inactive Twitter accounts lose followers quickly. So, if you’re not tweeting, the number of followers may drop. Other reasons might include that you’re the one who doesn’t follow back when someone else follows you.

But there’s also a matter of randomness, as losing and gaining followers on Twitter doesn’t always have to make sense. But with Circleboom, a reliable Twitter management tool, you can gain precious insight into changes to your Twitter account.

Have you lost Twitter followers recently? Why do you think that happened? Let us know in the comments section below.


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