How to Fix the Parsing Returned Error 0xC00CE556 in Windows 11 and Windows 10

Error 0xC00CE556 is a Windows 11/10 issue that occurs when users try to run certain apps or games. The “Error parsing… Parsing returned error 0xC00XE556.” message pops up when users try to run programs. The error message also includes a path referencing a machine.config file.

As a result, you can’t run the app for which the error 0xC00CE556 message pops up. So, are you wondering how to fix that error? This is how you can resolve error 0xC00CE556 in Windows 11/10.


1. Scan System Files With SFC

SFC is the System File Checker utility for repairing corrupted Windows files. That utility could come in handy for fixing error 0xC00CE556. To apply this possible fix, follow the steps in this how-to guide for using the System File Checker.

The SFC command

2. Replace a Corrupted Machine.config File

The most common cause of error 0xC00CE556 is a corrupted machine.config file cited in the parsing error message. Machine.config is a file linked with .NET Framework that stores web app (ASP.NET) configuration data. Lots of users have fixed error 0xC00CE556 by replacing the machine.config file like this:

  1. First, click the taskbar button (or folder library icon) to open File Explorer.
  2. Open the Config folder by inputting this path in Explorer’s directory address bar and pressing Enter:
  3. Right-click the machine.config file and select the Delete (trash bin) option to erase it.
    The Delete option

  4. Next, right-click the machine.config.default file and select the context menu’s Rename option.
    The machine.config.default file

  5. Change the file’s name to machine.config.
  6. Press the Yes button on the Rename dialog box.
  7. Close out of Explorer to restart the PC.

3. Enable .NET Framework Features

Error 0xC00CE556 is also linked with .NET Framework because the .NET Framework directory includes the machine.config file. So, enabling advanced .NET Framework features is a potential fix that’s worth a try if resolution two doesn’t do the trick. This is how you can enable .NET Framework features in Windows 11/10:

  1. Open the Windows Programs and Features Tool.
  2. Click the Turn Windows features on navigation link on the left side of the Programs and Features applet.
  3. Then click the + box for .NET Framework 3.5 to expand that feature.
  4. Select the Windows Communication Foundation HTTP Activation and Windows Communication Foundation Non-HTTP Activation checkboxes.
    The Windows Features window

  5. Click OK to proceed with installing the features.
  6. Select the Let Windows Update download the files for you option to install features.
  7. Restart Windows to finish.

4. Configure a Clean Boot

Several users have also confirmed that clean booting fixed error 0xC00CE556 on their PCs. That highlights that this issue can occur because third-party apps or services are conflicting with .NET Framework. Setting a clean boot will disable third-party startup programs and services from automatically starting.

The Services tab in MSConfig

This guide to clean booting includes instructions for disabling startup apps and services within the MSConfig and Task Manager system tools. When you’ve set up the clean boot, restart Windows to see if that resolves error 0xC00CE556. If it does, you can leave the boot configuration as it is or try to figure out what disabled app or service causes the issue by gradually re-enabling startup items.

5. Reinstall the Windows 11/10 Platform

Reinstalling Windows 11/10 is a last-resort resolution that will likely fix the parsing returned error 0xC00CE556. There are a few ways to reinstall the platform, but the in-place upgrade method enables you to do so and keep all apps. Our Windows reinstallation guide tells you how to perform an in-place with an ISO file.

The Windows 11 Setup window

Get Error 0xC00CE556 Sorted on Windows

There aren’t many known potential fixes for error 0xC00CE556, but the ones above are widely confirmed to resolve that issue—replacing the machine.config file usually does the trick for most users. With error 0xC00CE556 sorted, you can run all the apps that the error previously affected.


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