How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging platforms today. It’s used for quickly contacting your family, friends, and coworkers. Like many other apps that provide communication services, Telegram also gives you the option to block a certain user. But there’s no definite way to know if someone has blocked you on Telegram. However, there are a few signs that might indicate it.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Telegram

Here we’ll share those tips with you to help you figure out if someone has blocked you on Telegram.

Messages Not Delivered

Message not Delivered 2

When you send a message on Telegram, it shows one small checkmark next to your text. This means the person has received the message but hasn’t seen it yet. When the messaged user opens the chat and sees the messages, the single checkmark turns into two ticks. This is how you know the person has read your messages and that you might be receiving a reply.

However, if only a single checkmark accompanies your text for an extended period – and you know the recipient regularly checks their messages – this might mean that they have blocked you.

Unusual Activity Status

Usually Activity Status

Another way to check if someone has blocked you on Telegram is by looking at their activity status. Depending on your and the other user’s privacy settings, Telegram displays the estimated date and time someone has last been online. But if you don’t allow others to see your activity status, you won’t be able to see theirs, either.

If the user’s status is listed as “Seen a long time ago” instead of “Online” or the estimated time since they’ve last been online, chances are they have blocked you. Unfortunately, this is not an accurate indicator that someone has blocked you if they actually haven’t been on Telegram for a while or if they’ve hidden their activity status. But if you’ve talked to them recently, it might be easier to conclude whether they’ve blocked you or not.

The Profile Picture Is Back to the User’s Initials

The Profile Picture 1

When you make an account on Telegram, you can use a photo of your choosing as your profile picture or any of the stickers and emojis Telegram offers. Otherwise, the app uses your initials on a randomly chosen color background in a similar way Gmail does. If a person’s picture suddenly changes from their usual photo to their initials, it might mean they have blocked you.

However, if the user’s profile photo has never been updated from the default initials, it’s difficult to say if they have blocked you.

Unable to Connect Calls or Video Chat

Unable to connnect 1

Apart from messaging, Telegram also gives you the option to call and video chat with other users. Again, whether you’ll be able to reach someone in this way depends on their privacy settings. But if you’ve been able to call them previously and your screen suddenly displays “Failed to connect” when you try to call them, they might have blocked you.


How do I block a user on Telegram?

You can block a user in two ways. One is by tapping on your chat with them, then their profile picture, and finally, the three dots in the top right corner where you’ll find “Block user.” The second way is by going to “Settings,” then “Privacy and Security,” and “Blocked Users.” Here you’ll have the option to click on the chat of the person you want to block.

How do I change who can see my activity status on Telegram?

You can change your status visibility by going to “Settings” first and then clicking on “Privacy and Security,” where you’ll be able to change who can see your activity status in “Last Seen & Online.”

Does Telegram show the time the message was seen?

Telegram only shows the time a message was sent. There isn’t a way to see when the message has been read.

Eliminate Confusion About Telegram Blocking

Although there’s no way to know if someone has blocked you for sure, these methods may help you determine if your messages are being read or why you can’t see someone’s profile photo. If you believe you’ve done nothing to warrant being blocked, try contacting the person in a different way to see if everything is okay with their Telegram account.

Do you suspect that someone has blocked you on Telegram? Did any of these methods help you figure it out? Tell us in the comment section below.


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