How To Leave a Circle in Life360

Life360 is a popular family safety app that provides real-time location information for registered family members’ whereabouts. The app only shares your data with the members of your private group called “Circle” to preserve privacy. In addition to a family Circle, you can add other “Circles” that include additional people such as close friends.

How To Leave a Circle in Life360

However, if you no longer want to share your location with the members of a Circle, you don’t have to delete the Circle altogether—you can leave it. Here’s how to remove yourself from a Life360 Circle and some alternatives if this option is not for you.

How to Leave a Life360 Circle You Created

If you are the creator of your Circle, there is an additional step you should take before leaving it. You need to assign your “Admin” position to another Circle member. This process ensures that the Circle continues to have a member with authority to remove other members if necessary.

This process is listed first because it is crucial to know.

  1. Open your “Life360” app and tap the “Circle Switcher” bar at the top.switch bar
  2. Pick your “Circle” (the one you created).
    pick your circle
  3. Tap the “Gear” icon (Settings).
    gear icon 1
  4. Look for “Circle Management” and then choose “Change Admin Status.”
    change admin
  5. Select a member to grant them the position.

Now that you have chosen a new Admin, you can remove your Admin status on the same page.

How to Remove Yourself from a Life360 Circle

  1. Launch your iOS Life360 or Android Life 360 app and log in if needed.
  2. Tap the “Circle Switcher” at the top of your screen, then select the “Circle” you want to leave.
    switch bar
  3. Next, tap the “gear” icon (Settings) in the upper left corner.
    gear icon 1
  4. Find and select “Circle Management” on the list.
    circle management
  5. Tap “Leave Circle” at the very bottom of the screen.
    leave circle
  6. Confirm your decision in the popup by choosing “Yes.”
    pop up

You no longer have a part in the Circle and no longer see it in your Circles list. If you change your mind after leaving it, you must receive a new invite from the Circle Admin to rejoin.

How to Leave a Life360 Circle Without Anyone Knowing

When you leave your Life360 Circle, your icon disappears from the maps of the remaining members. Therefore, they will see that you are no longer in the Circle. If you want to stop sharing your location without your Circle members realizing it, you must find another solution. Some of the methods you should look into include the following:

  • Turning off your mobile data and Wi-Fi
  • Switching on Airplane Mode
  • Disabling the app from refreshing in the background
  • Enabling Battery Saving mode
  • Turning off your phone
  • Using an app to spoof your location
  • Getting a burner phone

If you turn off location sharing, log out, or delete the app, your Circle members will know. A notification will alert them. The above methods can, however, prevent your location from refreshing without actually turning it off.

How to Delete a Life360 Circle

Note: If you plan to delete your Circle, do not assign someone else as administrator like you would in the previous scenario. Also, delete everyone else first.

While there is no “Delete Circle” button in Life360, you can delete Circles by removing all the members from the group. If you’re the Admin of the Circle, this will be easy.

  1. Open the “Life360” app and select the Circle you want to delete.
    switch bar
  2. Tap the “gear” icon (Settings).
    circle management
  3. Choose “Circle Management.”
  4. Press “Delete Circle Members” and remove each member one by one.
    delete circle emers
  5. Once you’re the only group member, leave the Circle by returning to the “Circle Management” menu.
    circle management
  6. Scroll down and choose “Leave Circle.”
    leave circle
  7. Confirm your choice by tapping “Yes.”
    pop up

Once you, too, have left the Circle, it will automatically get deleted.

If you’re not the Admin of the Circle, you must ask the members to leave on their own accord.

Life360 is a helpful app for parents who want to be sure of their children’s location and safety. Family members can also watch each other and act promptly in case of an emergency. While always knowing where your loved ones are is reassuring, a time may come when you no longer want to be a part of a particular Circle. When that happens, your options are leaving the Circle, removing some other members, or deleting the Circle.

Leaving Life360 FAQs

Can you remove someone from a Life360 Circle?

Yes, but you can only remove members from your Life360 Circle if you’re the Admin. If you’re not the Admin, you need to ask the current one to assign you this position before you can start managing the members.

Note that the app notifies the Circle member of their removal. However, it won’t tell them that it was you who removed them. Nevertheless, since only admins can remove members, they might figure it out.

Does Life360 notify you when you leave a Circle?

Since your icon disappears from the Circle members’ maps, they will know you have left their Circle. If you don’t want your Circle members to see your current location while still in the Circle, refer to the above tips about hiding your location.


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