How To Make a Spoiler in Reddit

Reddit has an automatically activated spoiler tag for posts, so no one gets accidentally spoiled while reading through the comments.

How To Make a Spoiler in Reddit

This article will show you the different methods of making spoilers on Reddit.

Hiding Spoiler Text on Reddit

A “spoiler” is something that spoils the surprise or removes the pleasure of something surprising. In other words, it’s information about something that has not yet been released to the public as general knowledge. This can be anything from the ending of a movie to who won “The Bachelor.”

Reddit is arguably the home of spoilers. The user-driven community on this website leaks movie, TV show, and album reviews before they’re released to prevent audience surprises. With more than 3 million subreddits (subcultures), it’s easy for fan sites or bloggers with access to prerelease material to divulge details to fans eager to find out what’s coming. Spoilers can also be a great way to pique the interest of new fans.

That said, not everyone loves spoilers. Some would rather wait until they see something for themselves and form their own opinion without any outside influence or information getting in the way. For this reason, an unwritten rule requires anyone posting a spoiler to use spoiler tags.

Spoiler tags are a way to mark a post as containing spoilers so that other users can decide whether or not they want to view the post. The tags are normally used for movies, TV shows, and books but can be used for anything where revealing the plot would spoil the experience.

Use the Spoiler Tag in Reddit on a PC

If you’re looking to make a spoiler on Reddit while using a PC, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are multiple ways of going about it.

Using the Embedded Spoiler Button

Reddit offers a handy Spoiler button that allows users to mark certain text sections as spoilers. This can be useful for avoiding spoiling key plot points in a movie or TV show or hiding the answer to a difficult question.

To use the Spoiler button:

  1. Navigate to the Reddit post you want to comment on and type your comment.
    Use Spoiler Tag in Reddit on a PC 1
  2. Use the cursor to highlight a section of the text you want to mark as a spoiler. If you want to hide everything, you must highlight everything in your comment.
    Use Spoiler Tag in Reddit on a PC 2
  3. Click the Spoiler button found on the text editing dashboard. The button is shaped like an exclamation mark.
    Use Spoiler Tag in Reddit on a PC 3

The selected text will then be hidden behind a preview message, and other users will need to click the message to view it. This ensures that only those interested in seeing spoilers will have them revealed, while others can avoid them altogether.

Using Markdown Mode

Reddit is a site that relies heavily on user-generated content. As such, users need to be able to format their posts in a clear and easy to read. One common formatting tool is markdown, which allows for basic text formatting.

Markdown can be used to mark spoiler text by enclosing the text in two sets of syntax brackets. For example, if a user wanted to spoil the ending of a book, they could type “>!” before the relevant section of the text and “!<” after it. When viewed on Reddit, that section of the text would be hidden until the user clicked on it, preventing accidental spoilers.

Here are the exact steps:

  1. Log into Reddit and click on the Markdown mode button in the bottom right corner of the comment window.
    Use Spoiler Tag in Reddit on a PC 4
  2. Type your comment.
    Use Spoiler Tag in Reddit on a PC 7
  3. Type “>!” at the beginning of the section you want to hide and “!<” at the end.
    Use Spoiler Tag in Reddit on a PC 5
  4. Click on the “Comment” button to publish.
    Use Spoiler Tag in Reddit on a PC 6

Using the Spoiler Tag in Reddit on the Android App

If you’re using the Reddit app on Android and want to use spoiler text in your comments, you’ll need to use the Markdown Mode method. To do this, add >! and !< around the text.

For example, if you wanted to spoil the ending of a book, you would write >!I can’t believe the protagonist died!<.

Once you’ve posted your comment, the text will be hidden until the user clicks on it. This is a great way to avoid spoiling the surprise for other users.

Using the Spoiler Tag in Reddit on the iPhone App

Reddit’s iPhone app makes it easy to participate in conversations on the go, but there may be times when you want to hide part of your comment from view.

Perhaps you’re responding to a user who has asked for advice. But you don’t want to ruin the surprise by revealing too much. Or maybe you’re discussing a book or movie and don’t want to spoil the plot for others. Either way, the Reddit app has a built-in tool that allows you to mark spoiler text.

To do this, simply add >! and !< around the text in your comment. When another user taps to view the hidden text, they will be greeted with a warning message telling them they may be about to see spoilers. This gives them the opportunity to back out before reading any potentially spoilery information.

Don’t Kill the Excitement

Spoiler tags can be a great way to avoid ruining the experience for others while still being able to have that conversation with your friends. If you’re unsure how to make a spoiler on Reddit, our guide will show you how it’s done.

Have you ever used spoiler tags on Reddit? Let us know in the comments section below.


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