When a guy ignores you, it sucks, but you can get justice! Show him by learning how to make him feel guilty for ignoring you.

how to make him feel guilty for ignoring you

Guys have this weird way of ignoring us, and it is so annoying. It just is. And being ignored is one of the worst feelings. Learning how to make him feel guilty for ignoring you will be very satisfying.

At least when you’re fighting, you are interacting in some way. But when he ignores you, it feels like he just doesn’t care. He isn’t necessarily mad or upset, just neutral, which is somehow worse.

And when you feel that cruddy, you want him to regret that. You want him to feel cruddy too. It sucks to feel that way, and wanting him to know how it makes you feel is totally normal.

When a guy ignores you – First things first

It’s totally unacceptable for a guy to ignore you, that’s just childish. BUT before we get too ahead of ourselves, and before we get to the steps you need to take to make a guy feel guilty for ignoring you, what is your relationship status with this guy?

Do you have a crush on him? Are you guys in the talking stage? Are you dating? Are you just sleeping with each other?

Depending on the kind of relationship you share with each other, a guy may ignore you for totally different reasons. In this feature, we’ll focus more on the guy who ignores you when you’re in a real relationship with him.

But if you’re looking for another kind of relationship status, and the reasons why a guy may be ignoring you, here’s everything you need.

Do you like a guy, but he seems to be ignoring you instead of reciprocating your feelings?

Is this prick ignoring you after getting intimate with you? If a guy seems uninterested in you after having sex with you, this is what you need: Why do guys distance themselves after having sex? And what you should do next

And thirdly, is he leaving you with mixed signals? If a guy blows hot and cold, and ignores you now and then, check out this guide on all the reasons why a guy texts you when he pretends like he’s not interested.

But all of this apart, if you’re dating this guy, and he’s trying to ignore you, that’s just not acceptable at all. If you want to make him feel guilty for ignoring you, read on to know what you need to do next.

How do you want to make him feel guilty for ignoring you?

You are probably saying to yourself, “I want him to feel as bad as I do.”

I know, that sounds really great. And I get it. That is probably where my head would go at first, too. But, now, take a breath. Take a look at the situation from a distance.

What kind of guilty feeling do you want him to have? If you’re going to work things out and not just make him feel bad and dump him, you may want him to learn from this guilt. You don’t want the guilt lasting very long, or else the relationship could unravel.

If you want him to come around and learn that ignoring you is unacceptable and hurtful, there are more healthy ways to let him know that.

But, if this is the last straw and he has ignored you one too many times, perhaps making him suffer is your end goal. And if it is, more power to you.

Why was he ignoring you?

Being ignored is unacceptable behavior in a relationship, no matter the reason, but knowing the reason could help you out here.

Before wondering how to make him feel guilty for ignoring you, try to find out why he ignored you in the first place. Is this something you can talk about and move on from? Is this a one-time thing?

Was he ignoring you to go drinking with his friends? Was he ignoring you because he didn’t want to text and drive? Or was he in a meeting, or was he upset and didn’t know what to do

You can deal with all of these things without making him feel guilty. First, find out why he was ignoring you. Suppose he was being safe and not looking at his phone when driving, good. If it worries you when he ignores you, maybe get him a Bluetooth attachment so he can dictate a text.

And if he was at work, maybe he can let you know when he has a meeting, so you don’t feel like he is ignoring you at that moment. But, if he is ignoring you when out with his friends, you can totally make him feel guilty because that is not cool.

But, if he was upset and needed space before saying something he would regret, you can clear things up by knowing that is how he handles stress. Maybe next time, he can just text you to let you know he needs some space, so you know he isn’t actually cruelly ignoring you.

Do you see what I mean? Sometimes being ignored by your man is a little more complicated than we think at first.

How to make him feel guilty for ignoring you

So, here comes the important part, how do you make him feel guilty for ignoring you? Well, you are in luck. There are actually quite a few different things you can do here.

You can really make him rue the day he ignored you, or you can be a little calmer about it. So check out the best ways for how to make him feel guilty for ignoring you and see which strikes your fancy.

1. Tell him how you feel

To make sure he truly feels guilty for ignoring you, tell him. That is the only way to get the message across and be crystal clear about it. Tell him how crappy he made you feel when he ignored you.

If he is a decent person that is worth your time and energy, he will feel bad for making you feel ignored. From there, he should apologize and do better in the future. This is the mature and straightforward way to handle being ignored.

2. Ask him to reverse the situation

If you spoke to him about ignoring you and he still does not seem to grasp the fact that he should not be ignoring you and should feel bad for doing so, ask him how he would feel if you ignored him.

Ask him how he would feel if he were trying to get in touch with you, and you just didn’t respond. It feels pretty crappy, and hopefully, his imagination will realize that.

3. Take some space

I am not telling you to ignore him back, but taking some space can make him realize that being around you is better. You can respond to him but say you don’t want to see him for a weekend. You need your time or time with your friends.

Just take some time away from him, and he will appreciate you more when the break is over. Also, guys are not always the best listeners, so even if you told him that ignoring you is unacceptable, he might not take it to heart until he doesn’t hear from you.

4. Live your best life

Stop worrying about how to make him feel guilty for ignoring you, and just worry about yourself. It seems like this is a subtle move and that he may not notice, but trust me. He will. Guys always notice when you are happy and living your best life.

When you are having a great time with your friends, focusing on work, and investing in yourself, this is when the universe will remind him to come crawling back because you are his queen.

Just focus on your happiness. Do not try to seem happy, so he feels terrible. Instead, actually, focus on yourself, and he will see that you don’t need him.

That in and of itself is more than enough to make him feel guilty for ignoring you.

5. Don’t care

Stop caring. Now I am not saying you should stop caring about him, just the fact that he ignored you. Don’t just overlook it and put up with it, but forget him.

You deserve better than some guy who is just going to ignore you out of the blue.

As soon as you stop thinking about him, you win, and he loses. He will feel bad and regret how he treated you. And you will be the happiest you’ve ever been now that you dropped 200 pounds of dead weight.

6. Give him an ultimatum

I hate ultimatums as they can be juvenile and wildly unhealthy, but sometimes they are necessary. If he is exhibiting behavior you do not accept and refuse to put up with, give him one last chance.

Tell him this is the last straw and that you are too good for someone to be ignoring you. You should be important enough to someone that they want to hear from you and talk to you. If he can’t be that guy, he is no longer your guy. Stand your ground, and he will run scared into your arms.

If not, once again, congratulations. You just dumped a pile of male garbage.

7. Send him a brutally honest text

Ignoring him back is great when you want a guy to feel guilty for ignoring you over text, but that is essentially just prolonged silence. Instead, be honest. Tell him how you feel.

Text him a full-on letter explaining how it feels to be ignored and how a simple text saying he wasn’t interested or was busy isn’t that hard. Now, if he is a true jerk this won’t do much, but it will feel good to get it off your chest.

8. Block him online and on texts

You don’t need to make him feel guilty for ignoring you over text so abruptly. You can be subtle about it. Block him. Don’t let him see your social media pages. Block his number.

It is more than ignoring him, and it is entirely cutting him off from any access to you. This won’t slap him in the face metaphorically as an honest text will, but it will slowly make him feel how you felt.

9. Kill it on social media

So he’s ignoring your texts, but is he still watching your stories and looking at your posts?

Show him what he’s missing. Don’t just do it to get to him, do it for yourself. Don’t just seem like you’re having a great time. Have one and share it out with the world. He will feel guilty and stupid for ignoring someone so amazing and fun.

10. Be less available

Don’t ghost him, but instead, don’t be so easily available when he calls or texts. It feels like you’re ignoring him, but maybe you are just available to talk all the time. Make him feel guilty for ignoring you by not being there for him all the time when he does reach out.

Don’t fake either. Go and do things. Make plans. Stay away from your phone. You don’t need to be waiting for him.

11. Don’t cry

Try not to be needy. Even if you talked for a week straight without any breaks but to sleep, things may have changed. He is back at work or just busy. Don’t let yourself get upset about this. It isn’t worth it.

Double texting won’t make him feel bad. What’ll make him feel guilty for his actions is realizing he may lose you. So wipe those tears away, and be productive with your time.

12. Have your own opinions

Don’t conform to what he wants. When you did hang out, did you just say ‘yes’ to whatever he wanted, to seem like the cool girl? Don’t just agree for the sake of seeming low maintenance. Be yourself. Stick to your beliefs and opinions.

Eventually, he will reach out, but instead of just accepting that he is back after ignoring you, stick to your guns.

13. Don’t rush it

If you aren’t a real item yet, making him feel guilty for ignoring you can seem like a lot really quickly. Not everyone texts all day or even every day. Take your time. Enjoy being single while it lasts.

You don’t need to hear from him all the time just yet. Let things fall into place before you rush into needing to have constant communication. You could push him away before things get started. If you slow down and let him take his time, he will appreciate and it and probably feel guilty for ignoring you.

14. Look at his actions

Actions speak a lot louder than words. Some people are just bad texters. Let him off the hook and give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he just sucks at texting. Is he great in person? Does he give you his undivided attention on dates?

If he is great in every other way, maybe him ignoring you on texts alone isn’t that big of a deal. Trust what he does more than what he says. And when you see the truth, you may not even care to make him feel guilty for ignoring.

15. Don’t change your plans

When a guy ignores you, waiting around sucks. You really can’t do much until he says something, especially if you want to call him out. But when he does end up reaching out, you can’t help but agree to see him or talk. Instead, keep going with whatever plan you had before he reached.

Whether you were going out with friends or staying home and doing laundry, do not change your plans for the guy that ignored you. Show him you know your worth and someone who couldn’t bother texting you back isn’t worth your time.

16. Don’t depend on him

Don’t depend on him for anything. He probably knows you’re waiting by the phone. Instead, depend on yourself. Remind yourself that you don’t need him. You are awesome on your own. You don’t need him to save you from your single life.

When he realizes you don’t need him, that’s when he’d feel stupid and guilty for ignoring you. And he’ll respect you a lot more as well.

17. Let him get there

As much as it sucks to say, sometimes he just needs the time to get there on his own. You could do all of this and it doesn’t necessarily mean he will reach out or feel guilty. Guys have brains wired differently than girls and he may just need to feel guilty for ignoring you when he feels like it.

18. Ignore him back

This is a last-ditch effort. I would never advise you to ignore someone who is ignoring you because all it tends to do is create a nasty cycle of both of you ignoring each other until things explode or die out.

This also tends not to work because he won’t know if you’re ignoring him or if he is ignoring you. There is nothing to ignore. If it isn’t your style to speak out against his lousy behavior, this is an option, but not a great one.

You now know how to make him feel guilty for ignoring you. You have got all the power here, so make the most of it.