How to Manage Your Followed News Channels on Your Nintendo Switch

Keep up to date on all things Nintendo by managing News channels on your Switch.

Using the Nintendo News application on your Nintendo Switch is a great way to ensure you receive all the latest updates on anything Nintendo related, with your News feed catered to all your favorite Nintendo games and Channels.

And with choosing Channels that appeal to you, your News only presents the information you have specifically selected. However, sometimes your selected News Channels send you articles and information you don’t want or don’t want to view anymore.

Luckily, in this scenario, your Nintendo Switch has a couple of easy ways to manage and customize your followed News Channels on your Nintendo Switch. Let’s take a look.

Manage Your Followed Nintendo News Channels Through the Nintendo News App

One of the easiest ways to manage your Nintendo News Channels is through the actual Nintendo News application, helping you ensure that your News feed is precisely as you intend it to be.

So if you want to manage your followed News Channels on your Nintendo Switch through the actual News application, follow these steps:

  • Press the Home button on your Nintendo Switch, and ensure you’re on the Nintendo Switch Home screen.
  • Select the bottom tab for News.

A screenshot of the Nintendo Switch home screen with the application for News highlighted

  • With the Nintendo News application open, press the + button to select Find Channels.

A screenshot of the main menu of the Nintendo Switch News application with Find Channels highlighted

  • Highlight and select Followed Channels.

A screenshot of the News application on Nintendo Switch with Followed Channels highlighted

  • Select the Channel you wish to manage.
  • To remove the Channel choose the option for Following.

A screenshot of a selected followed News Channel on the News app for Nintendo Switch

With the Following option deselected, the Channel will be unfollowed, and your Nintendo Switch should notify you that the selected Channel has been removed.

Aside from clearing and managing your Nintendo Switch News Channels, you can also clear up any unnecessary storage or data by managing your Nintendo Switch’s cache or managing or deleting your Nintendo Switch save data.

Manage Your Followed Nintendo Switch News Channels Using Your Nintendo Switch’s System Settings

Aside from using the News application, the easiest way to manage your followed News Channels on Nintendo Switch is by utilizing your console’s settings. To manage your Nintendo Switch’s followed News Channels through system settings, follow these steps:

  • From the home screen of your Nintendo Switch, select System Settings.

A screenshot of the Home Screen for Nintendo Switch with System Settings highlighted

  • Scroll down to find the settings for System, and select News Channel Settings.

A screenshot of the System Settings on Nintendo Switch with News Channel Settings highlighted

As with the News application, you can then highlight Followed Channels and select the channel you want to manage. Select Following to delete the selected channel, just like the News application.

A screenshot of the notification that shows on an Nintendo Switch after unfollowing a News Channel

By accessing the system settings for your News Channel, you can view your followed Channels and delete any unnecessary ones you no longer wish to follow.

Get All the Best Nintendo News and Content With Nintendo Switch

By ensuring that your Nintendo Switch News Channels are catered to your requirements, you can help guarantee that your News application keeps you up-to-date with all the latest games and news you want to know about.

Aside from news, you can also look through some of the best Nintendo Switch content released to ensure you can get the best current games for your Nintendo Switch and all the latest and most applicable news available to you.


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