How to Narrow Down the Amount of Content Available Online

Choosing content to watch online can be a tricky task. The more options there are, the more difficult it can be to choose. You’re also more likely to feel dissatisfied with your choice of entertainment, knowing there may be better options out there.

This article will help fix this problem, removing the stress of picking a movie or show to watch. Let’s look at some ways to narrow down your content options to make picking your next source of entertainment easy.

1. Sort YouTube Videos in Playlists

When opening YouTube to pick a video, several features offer limitless video suggestions. The homepage feed and Explore tab provide an ongoing stream of content choices, making the process of picking a video to watch overwhelming and tiring.

Creating a YouTube playlist is pretty easy, and they are a useful tool for narrowing down your choices when looking for something to watch. One playlist already set up by YouTube is the Watch Later tool. You can use this feature as you scan through any videos on the homepage you’d like to watch. When you find a video you’d like to watch, click the three dots next to the video’s title and select Save to Watch Later.

YouTube save to Watch Later Playlist

Now, when you next open the app, all you have to do is go over to your Watch Later playlist instead of receiving a swarm of new suggestions.

You can improve this approach by creating specific playlists for different types of content, but you can also split videos by their mood or length. There’s also a range of online tools to enhance your YouTube playlists you can explore for further optimization.

2. Use Browser Extensions to Remove Content

DF Tube Extension Activated on YouTube Homepage

One simple way to limit your options when picking content online is to cut them off completely. For instance, DF Tube is a browser extension designed to remove different parts of YouTube’s video suggestions.

The app’s primary feature is the Hide Feed checkbox. Enabling this option removes all videos from YouTube’s homepage, leaving only the search box and sidebar. This option is helpful when you have a search query in mind but don’t want to be distracted by the sea of content on YouTube’s homepage.

The extension also manages video content seen elsewhere on YouTube. You can disable related videos appearing at the end of a video using the Hide Related Videos option. You can also remove the video suggestions that appear on the right side of the video player by clicking the Hide Sidebar option.

DF Tube Hiding content visible in YouTube's media player page

Using the combination of tools in this extension, you can choose YouTube content more intentionally without being overwhelmed by video suggestions.

3. Use a Movie-Picking Website

Netflix Roulette page by Reelgood

If you feel overwhelmed with all the content options available on popular streaming services, picking a film can be an unreasonably long task. Luckily there’s an online tool that cuts out this overwhelming process so you can enjoy the whole evening.

Reelgood’s Netflix Roulette is one of the best ways to get more from your streaming service. This powerful online tool removes the stress of picking a film by choosing one for you. On the main page, you’ll have the option to pick a genre and the type of content you want to watch: movies or TV shows. You can also add filters for rating scores, so you know you’ll be tuning into something worth watching.

One benefit of Reelgood is it allows you to search across multiple streaming services at once. All you need to do is to set up a free account and hit Add More Services to access a range of free and paid subscription services, including Prime Video, Hayu, and Disney+. The site also offers specialized movie-picking roulettes, such as the Romantic Netflix Roulette, for watching the best rom-com movies.

4. Create a Bucket List of Movies and TV Shows to Watch

How often do your friends recommend you a film that you come to forget about? You may even have your own past ideas of great movies to watch but become distracted by the large number of new suggestions given by streaming services.

Creating a bucket list is a great way to write down the movies and shows you’d like to watch. This saves you the stress of remembering an ever-growing list of suggestions and simplifies the movie-picking process. That way, you won’t have to deal with decision fatigue when presented with many movie options; all you have to do is look at your list. is a simple to-do app designed to create simple lists on your smartphone. You can create a new list in the Tasks tab where you can add and cross off items. Every item features tags that you can use to categorize films on your bucket list. There’s also a Notes section if you want to jot down details such as where to find the film and its duration.

5. Subscribe to Your Favorite Shows and Podcasts

The podcast industry is booming right now, which means more choices to choose from. Subscribing to different shows is an effective way to reduce your options and make sure you only hear or watch the content you want.

Using this approach will save you from searching through a mix of podcasts from different categories, instead giving you a filtered, personalized list of your favorite shows.

Spotify makes it easy to subscribe to podcasts and save your favorite episodes. If you’re listening to an episode of a show you like, press the three-dot button in the top right corner.

Press Go to Podcast to visit the podcast’s homepage, then press the Follow button to add this to your saved shows. You can also find the latest episodes of the shows you’ve subscribed to by heading to the New Episodes tab in your media library.

Simplify Your Entertainment Suggestions

Using these tips, you’ll be able to pick your next choice of entertainment effortlessly without feeling overwhelmed by suggestions. These methods will give you an ideal environment to tune into your favorite shows and episodes without being distracted by new suggestions.


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