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How To Reduce Brain Pressure And Avoid Strokes

A study was conducted in India about brain stroke, which concluded that the leading cause of disabilities and death in people is, in fact, brain strokes among the younger generation. It is estimated that more than 20 million people suffer from brain stroke every year, and 5 million of those people are not able to see the light of day following the disease. As years pass by, the numbers will keep rising unless something is done to shrink them. 

Today we have listed down some tips to help reduce pressure on your brain that will overall be beneficial to your health and reduce chances of stroke. 

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Pixabay/Pexels | Let’s try to prevent a visit to the emergency room

Why Do Brain Strokes Happen?

Brain stroke happens majorly to a person who lacks oxygen. Because of this, surviving patients end up having difficulty in performing everyday routine activities and lose the ability to speak properly due to the major disturbance, which is caused by memory. 

Experts believe that many other reasons cause this critical condition. However, they also believe that some things that play a huge part in this are not having a proper workout routine and diet, as well as not having a sedentary lifestyle. Living an improved lifestyle and taking off the burden from your brain can help in reducing the chances of getting a stroke.

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Towfiqu Barbhuiya/Pexels | A lack of oxygen can lead to brain stroke

Advice Of Expert Dr. Aishwarya Raj

Dr. Aishwarya Raj, a practicing clinical psychologist in Delhi, suggested ways to make a start on living a healthier lifestyle. She suggested that a great way to boost your happiness, boost the health of your brain, and stimulate it is by increasing your physical activities, making smarter choices, and adjusting your posture. 

One should make a habit of practicing mindfulness and take care of basic medical issues, if any. More often than not, one realizes that making the right decision every time is nearly impossible. However, there are endless advantages to maintaining a balance which is why it is worth the challenge

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Daniel Reche/Pexels | Physical activities are essential to maintaining good health

Advice Of Expert Dr. Jyoti Kapoor

On the other hand, Dr. Jyoti Kapoor, Senior Psychiatrist and Founder of Manasthali, says that keeping your weight under control is important because poor brain outcomes associate highly with obesity. Obesity opens us up to the possibility of getting many diseases, one of which is sclerosis. 

He also suggests for all avoid smoking because it leads to decreased brain volume as well as more cognitive issues. Lastly, keeping your mind active is highly important. Keeping your mind busy with creative pastimes is a great way to avoid cognitive problems.


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