How to See Deleted DMs in Discord

Discord allows users to communicate privately, but keeping up with multiple messages popping up is a challenge. So, what happens when a message gets deleted before you or one of your group reads it?

How to See Deleted DMs in Discord

Once the message is deleted, it’s permanently removed from your and the recipient’s history.

The good news is you can use workarounds to see any DMs you may have missed. Keep reading to discover how to retrieve deleted Discord DMs on your PC.

How to View Deleted DMs in Discord

If somebody deleted a message on Discord before you had the chance to read it, there is a way you can still see the message. However, you’ll need to use a couple of third-party software to do it. Here’s how to get started:

Download BetterDiscord

The first step is to download the Discord Enhancement Project on your PC.

  1. Go to the BetterDiscord official website.
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 1
  2. Download the .exe and launch it once the download is complete.
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 2
  3. Give your approval for the license agreement and select “Next.”
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 4
  4. The installer will give you three options: Remove, Repair, or Install.
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 5
  5. Click on “Install BetterDiscord.”
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 5 1
  6. You will see different Discord versions. Click on the one you’re currently using.
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 6
  7. Click the “Install” button again, and launch the project.
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 8

Although Discord will launch after completing these steps, this is just the first part of retrieving deleted DMs on Discord.

Download MessageLoggerV2

Before you can read deleted DMs, you must download a plug-in called MessageLoggerVS.

  1. Go to MessageLoggerVS and download it.
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 9
  2. Keep track of where the computer is saving the download.
  3. Once the download is complete, click on “Keep.”
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 10

You might receive a warning that this file may be “harmful” to your PC, but you can disregard this message.

Add MessageLoggerV2 to Plug-Ins

Once you’ve downloaded everything, you must add this to your plug-ins. Here is the process:

  1. Launch Discord on your PC, and click on “User Settings.”
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 11
  2. Scroll down to BetterDiscord and click on “Plug-ins.”
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 12
  3. Select “Open Plug-in Folder.”
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 13
  4. Once the Plug-in Folder is open, add MessageLogger V2 by dragging it from its saved location and dropping it into the open folder.
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 14
  5. Go back to Discord and enable the plug-in via the toggle switch.
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 15

If you receive a message saying you’re missing libraries, you can add them by selecting “Download Now.” Once that’s complete, enable “XenoLib and ZeresPluginLibrary” using the toggle switch.

Choose Server and Open Logs

The last step in what seems to be a lengthy process is to choose a Discord server. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Right-click on the server you want to monitor on the home screen.
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 18
  2. Go to “Message Logger.”
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 19
  3. Select “Add to Whitelist.”
    Discord How to See Deleted DMs 20

When you add Message Logger to the platform’s whitelist, it permits BetterDiscord to log any messages on the server.

Checking Deleted DMs

Once the appropriate software and plug-in are in place and you’ve selected your server, you can check deleted DMs.

  1. From the home page, right-click on the icon for servers.
  2. Go to “Message Logs.”
  3. Select “Open Logs.”
  4. You’ll see all the deleted messages for this server under the “Deleted” tab.

Additional FAQs

How do I send a DM to a specific user?

If you want to communicate with someone outside the group chat, you can click on their Discord profile, and it will offer you the option to send them a message or call them.

Do Discord bots check your DMs?

Yes. Group admins can grant Discord bots permission to read all your messages.

How many messages per day are sent on Discord?

Discord exchanges millions of messages daily, so giving a concrete number is hard. However, in August 2022, Discord users exchanged 4 billion daily messages. It was an 850 million increase compared to May 2018.

How to report abusive messages on Discord after they’ve been deleted

Since Discord requires evidence to fill a report, unfortunately, the platform can’t do anything if the message is no longer available.

If you run into this issue in the future and are the server admin wanting to delete inappropriate content, you can choose the option “Delete and Report.” This feature will simultaneously file the report with supporting evidence and remove the offending message.

Recover Discord DMs Fast

Don’t worry if you missed a message in your private or group chat and someone deleted it. Fortunately, there is a workaround that enables users to see anything they may have missed. Remember that the workaround involves third-party software and is not an official Discord retrieval method.

Have you used this method to retrieve your Discord DMs? Do you know another way in which you can do this? Make sure to let us know in the comments section.


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