How to Take Screenshots of the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

While most Mac users are familiar with the different ways to take screenshots of the screen, taking screenshots of the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar is less popular.

The Touch Bar is the mini display that complements the main screen. You can use a Touch Bar screenshot for documentation or share it with your friends after customization.

Whether you’re a seasoned Mac user or a newbie, you can learn to take screenshots of the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro to save them or share them from your clipboard.

How to Snap Your MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

Touch Bar screenshot keyboard command

Like taking a screenshot of your Mac’s display, you can take a screenshot of the Touch Bar using a keyboard shortcut. To take a snap of the Touch Bar, hold Command + Shift + 6, and the screenshot automatically saves to the desktop.

The Touch Bar screenshot is thin and wide at 2008 × 60 pixels because of the size of the Touch Bar. You can crop and edit the screenshot with the built-in Preview app.

Save Touch Bar Screenshots to the Clipboard

Instead of saving the Touch Bar screenshot to the desktop, you can save it to the clipboard and paste it into any compatible app. On your keyboard, press, Command + Control + Shift + 6, and the screenshot will automatically save to your clipboard.

With Apple’s Universal Control feature, you can also paste the screenshot into any compatible app across your Apple devices. We have explained in detail how to set up Universal Control on your Apple devices if you want to learn more.

Change the Keyboard Shortcut for Touch Bar Screenshots

Like most other commands on your Mac, you can customize the keyboard shortcut for Touch Bar screenshots. So, follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Open System Settings from the Apple menu and select Keyboard in the left pane.
  2. Click Keyboard Shortcuts and choose Screenshots on the left.
  3. Select Save screenshot of Touch Bar as a file, double-click the key combination, and type the new command.
  4. Click Done at the bottom.

Edit Touch Bar screenshot key combination in System Settings

Share Your Touch Bar Effortlessly

Even though the usefulness of the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro is often debated, learning to take a screenshot of it will surely come in handy. It is a quick way to share specific information displayed on the Touch Bar.

With these keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly and efficiently take screenshots of your Touch Bar in any application and save them as a file or copy it to your clipboard.


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