How To Turn Off the Pointer on an LG TV

LG has developed the unique Magic Remote, a feature-rich remote control, for its Smart TVs. It offers a built-in pointer that allows you to navigate the TV’s interface with more precision than with a traditional remote. The pointer works similarly to a computer mouse, with which you can highlight menu items and select them with a simple click.

How To Turn Off the Pointer on an LG TV

However, some users find this pointer annoying as it sometimes inhibits their viewing experience. If you experience the same thing and want a way to resolve the issue, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn how to turn off the pointer on LG’s Smart TVs.

How to Turn Off the Pointer on the Magic Remote

Magic Remote is a smart device for a Smart TV, and disabling the pointer feature may reduce its functionality. But if you wish to turn off the pointer, at least temporarily, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the scroll wheel in the center of the remote control – it’s surrounded by arrows on its four sides.
    LG TV How to Turn Off Pointer 1
  2. Press on any of the arrows (right, left, up, or down).
    LG TV How to Turn Off Pointer 4
  3. The pointer on your TV screen will disappear once you click the arrow.

Now you can operate the TV by navigating the active selection box among the options, and the selectable items will be highlighted.

Note: The method may differ depending on the remote control model. If you can’t disable the pointer by pressing the arrow, you can try holding down the menu button for a few seconds.

How to Reactivate the Pointer on Magic Remote

You may want to turn the pointer back on after watching your favorite TV shows or movies. This is also a straightforward process. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find the scroll wheel in the center of your remote control.
    LG TV How to Turn Off Pointer 2 1
  2. Spin the wheel backward and forward as if you’re using a computer mouse. This will bring back the pointer to your TV screen.
    LG TV How to Turn Off Pointer 3

Other remote control models may allow you to reactivate the pointer by just shaking the device.

What to Do When the Pointer Response Is Too Sensitive

You’ve probably noticed that the pointer can appear again with just the slightest touch on your remote control. It can be annoying, especially when you’re watching a movie or series and the pointer suddenly appears on the screen.

This happens because the remote includes a gyroscope that responds to movement. You can resolve this problem by decreasing the sensitivity of the pointer to the minimum so that it will not easily react to small movements. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Tap the “Settings” button on your remote control. It’s the gear icon.
    LG TV How to Turn Off Pointer 5
  2. Head to “All settings.”
    LG TV How to Turn Off Pointer 6
  3. Find “General” on the menu and tap “Additional Settings”.
    LG TV How to Turn Off Pointer 7
  4. Select “Pointer options.”
    LG TV How to Turn Off Pointer 8 1
  5. Alter the “Tracking speed” and the “Pointer size” under the “Pointer options.”
    LG TV How to Turn Off Pointer 9 1

Note: The tracking speed setting is medium by default, but you can change it based on your preferences.

How to Configure the Magic Remote Pointer

You can tailor the shape, speed, and size of the Magic Remote pointer to your desired specifications. Follow the listed steps below to start customizing your pointer.

  1. Click “Smart Home” (house icon) on your Magic Remote to go to the TV’s home screen.
    LG TV How to Turn Off Pointer 10
  2. Choose “Edit mode.”
    LG TV How to Turn Off Pointer 12
  3. Register “Tracking Speed” and “Pointer Size”.
    LG TV How to Turn Off Pointer 13
  4. Select “Pointer” to navigate to the pointer settings page.
    LG TV How to Turn Off Pointer 11 1
  5. Pick the setting you wish to change:
    LG TV How to Turn Off Pointer 14
    • Shape: Decide what your pointer will look like.
    • Speed: Adjust the sensitivity, or how fast your remote responds to movements.
    • Size: Determine the size of your pointer.
    • Alignment: Turn on or off the pointer’s alignment function.


Can I permanently disable the pointer or cursor on LG’s Magic Remote?

Although there are many complaints about this feature from users, there’s still no definite method to disable the pointer permanently. You can only disable it temporarily to prevent it from interfering with your viewing experience.

Why is LG’s Magic Remote pointer not working?

The pointer may not work properly due to several reasons, such as a low remote battery, lagging software, the remote being disconnected from the TV, or something blocking the signal (a common obstruction is a set-top box). The Magic Remote drains batteries faster than a traditional remote because it has many additional features.

Breakthrough with Incremental Improvements

LG’s Magic Remote pointer is an excellent way to enhance the experience of viewing a Smart TV. Nevertheless, innovations don’t always align with what users desire. For example, some users may prefer a traditional remote with buttons and a simple layout and find Magic Remote confusing and difficult to use.

Ultimately, the decision to use a Magic Remote will come down to personal preference and the specific needs of the user.

Do you prefer using LG TV’s pointer or traditional remote control? What modifications do you think LG should make to improve its users’ experience? Let us know in the comment section below.


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