How To Use Bing AI

Bing AI is the version of ChatGPT launched by Microsoft and integrated into the latest versions of the Edge browser. However, it may also be installed into other operating systems such as iOS and Linux. The AI virtual assistant can automatically create all kinds of content, including reports and stories. It also provides additional support while browsing the internet.

How To Use Bing AI

If you want to give Bing AI a try, this article will show you how to get started.

Access Bing AI

Bing AI is available for Windows and macOS on the Microsoft Edge browser. The tool is also available on the Skype, Edge, and Bing mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. If you have a computer with Windows 10 and 11, Bing AI will be incorporated. You can download Bing AI for the previous Windows versions, Mac computers, and other operating systems such as Linux.

Follow these steps to access Bing AI with the latest versions of Windows:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.
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  2. Click on the “Discover” icon in the upper right corner of the screen displaying a B logo. You should see a message saying, “Welcome to the new Bing.” If you don’t, click “Sign in to chat.”
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  3. Login using your Windows account.

That’s all there is to it!

Using Bing AI

You can access Bing AI by clicking on the “Discover” button in the upper right corner whenever you want to use Bing AI. On the right side of the page, you’ll have a Chat sidebar with samples of questions you can ask. At the bottom of the sidebar, you’ll have different conversational style alternatives:

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  • Creative: gives imaginative responses.
  • Precise: provides accurate and short answers.
  • Balanced: the answers will be a balance between creative and precise.

When using a portable device, you’ll have the same features as in the desktop version, but the layout will be more compact. To enhance your browsing experience, you can give Bing AI access to the site you’re currently visiting.

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  • Go to the section called “Get the best experience with relevant responses.”
  • Use the chat to ask relevant questions about the site you’re browsing.
  • If you want to prevent Bing AI from watching the site, you need to click on the “No thanks” option.

The use of Bing AI isn’t limited to questions related to the site you’re visiting. You can ask any question, and the tool will answer accurately. Here’s how to start a chat conversation with Bing AI:

  • Go to the “Ask me anything” tab.
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  • Write what you’d like Bing AI to answer, click the “Arrow” button, then press “Enter.”
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  • If you want additional information, scroll down to the bottom of the page and find follow-up suggested questions.
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If you don’t select any follow-up questions, you can write a new question and continue your conversation. Long conversations can confuse the tool, so back-and-forth exchanges are limited to 15 every 24 hours.

Having an Actual Conversation with Bing AI

If you use Bing AI on your mobile devices, you can use a voice command to ask questions. At the bottom of the chat, you’ll see a microphone icon. Press it and ask your questions. You’ll find the answer on the screen in real-time.

Other Things You Can Do with Chatbot

With Bing AI, you can do most of the things you can do with Chat GPT-4. You can ask simple questions and ask the Chatbot to draft emails, poems, and even essays. If you want to purchase a new product, you can ask Bing AI to analyze and compare data to help you make an informed purchase decision.

As Bing AI is programmed to emulate human speech, you can ask the chatbot to look for a specific writing style and then create original content using that same style. This tool allows you to get creative and discover new features every day.

Bing AI Limitations

The Artificial Intelligence used to create Bing AI is still far from perfect. Here are some limitations:

  • Angry messages. Bing AI has a few restrictions on the content you can produce. If you ask Bing AI to produce messages of hate, discrimination, and other kinds of offensive content, it won’t respond to your command. While this is a valuable feature, it can be frustrating in situations where you’re doing research on certain topics which are banned by the AI tool.
  • Limit of questions. While Bing AI produces accurate information and can keep up with a conversation, the interaction is limited. As the AI tool processes and stores a significant amount of data, it will get confused over time. You’ll notice that the tool needs to be restarted when you see inconsistent information in the answers provided.

Clear Bing AI Search History

When you notice that Bing AI provides erratic responses, it will be time to restart the tool. Another way to improve performance is to clear the search history.

  1. Open the Bing search history page.
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  2. Go to “Activity” and mark each search query listed.
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  3. Click on “Delete.”
    how to use bing AI 19
  4. In the “Clear browsing data,” click on “Clear now.”
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Is Bing AI free?

Yes. Bing AI is a free tool integrated into the latest versions of Windows. For previous versions, you can download the app for free.

What are the differences between Bing AI and ChatGPT?

Bing AI and ChatGPT share many similarities. In fact, Bing AI is based on ChatGPT. These tools can produce content that feels human-like and create logos and drawings based on text. The main difference between the tools is that ChatGPT has been trained with a certain amount of information while Bing AI browses the internet to create the content provided.

How accurate is Bing AI?

Being a technology still in the works, you can’t trust Bing AI to provide 100% accuracy. When providing solutions, it provides an estimated 77.8% correct answers.

Using Bing AI Has Never Been Easier

With Bing AI, you can get real-time responses to your queries and even do follow-up questions and have an actual conversation. Despite having a few limitations, Bing AI has been designed to produce all kinds of content in creative, precise, or balanced tones.

Do you use Bing AI? How have your experiences with the tool been so far? Let us know in the comments section below.


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