How To Use Telegram Without a Phone Number

Telegram is rising in popularity due to its privacy-first approach and features, making it a powerful messaging app. However, the company does require users to register with a phone number, which is something that turns some people off. Nevertheless, there are some workaround solutions to this issue.

How To Use Telegram Without a Phone Number

Below are several ways to try if you don’t want to give Telegram your phone number. The service will work fine, but Telegram needs to receive confirmation first. Read on for all the details.

Using Telegram Without a Phone Number

When you register, the app will prompt you to enter a phone number before you can proceed. However, with the help of some tricks, you can easily register without using your actual phone number. Many people choose an alternate method due to privacy reasons.

Google Voice

Google Voice requires an existing U.S. number to work. Although you must provide your number to Google, you’re not giving Telegram your actual digits. It’s not the most secure option, but it’s very convenient.

  1. Download the Google Voice app on your device.
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  2. Launch Google Voice.
  3. Log in with your Google account and tap on Search.
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  4. Look for your location.
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  5. Select a number from the list.
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  6. Choose to accept the number.
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  7. Give Google Voice permission to make phone calls.
  8. Enter your current phone number.
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  9. Tap on Send Code to receive it.
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  10. Finish the process.
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Once you have your Google Voice number, you can use it to register for Telegram. You’ll get an SMS from Telegram to create your new account. From then on, it shouldn’t be necessary anymore.

The Google Voice app will store your number if you forget it. Here’s how to access it:

  1. Launch Google Voice.
  2. Tap on Settings.
    settings 9
  3. Note your number.


Burner is an app that reroutes phone calls from a fake number to your actual one. When others call you, they only see the Burner number. It has a one-week free trial that you can use to set up a Telegram account.

The people behind Burner won’t share your real phone number with anyone and offer two account types. Besides the short-term free weeklong trial, there’s a subscription plan. If you pay for it, the number is yours for as long as you wish.

  1. Download the Burner app.
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  2. When the installation process is complete, launch the app.
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  3. Select Choose your number.
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  4. Enter your real phone number.
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  5. Agree to Burner’s Terms of Service.
  6. Pick an area code and number.
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  7. Continue and choose to proceed with the free trial.
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Once that’s done, you can immediately start registering for a Telegram account. However, be sure to cancel your trial, or you’ll be charged.

  1. Open Google Play on your phone.
  2. Tap on Subscriptions.
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  3. Select the free trial and tap on Cancel Subscription.
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  4. Confirm your choice.
  5. Give a reason or none at all to continue.
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Canceling your Burner free trial helps you avoid accidental payments. Your Telegram account remains intact, however.


This free-to-use website lets you choose from a list of disposable numbers. In short, the owners provide them for anyone to use without charging a cent. When you select the number, click on it to access the SMS sent to that number, including Telegram verification texts.

If the message hasn’t arrived, refresh the webpage. It will likely appear after that.

Something to note is everyone can see the messages on this website if they click on the number. Therefore, besides testing SMS-related services and getting verification codes, you shouldn’t use the number for sensitive purposes.

However, there are times when the number doesn’t work. The only way is to keep trying and see if Telegram accepts it.


TextNow is an app that lets users make calls and send an SMS over Wi-Fi. It’s free to use and download.

  1. Download and install TextNow.
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  2. Launch the app.
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  3. Sign up for a new account.
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  4. Choose from the Set up options.
    1676963943 676 2 5
  5. Either allow or disallow the app from using your location.
    1676963943 380 3 4
  6. Pick a free number.

Once you have your free number, you can make a Telegram account easily. There are also paid numbers if you fancy one.


This is another website similar to However, it has numbers for the U.K., which allow for extra privacy and accessibility. Here’s how to use the website.

  1. Go to the ReceiveSMS website.
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  2. Click on any of the three number categories.
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  3. Choose a number and enter it into Telegram’s set-up field.
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  4. Click Read SMS on the ReceiveSMS website to reveal the messages.
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  5. Enter the code you received to set up your Telegram account.
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This website doesn’t limit the numbers you use and how many times you can use them. The people behind it are generous, so you can come back whenever you wish to stay anonymous.

Unfortunately, there’s no true way to make a Telegram account without using any number, fake or not.

Making Your Telegram Account

Once you follow any of the tricks described above, you can complete the registration process. Here’s the whole set of instructions if you’re unsure how it goes.

  1. Download and install Telegram.
  2. Launch Telegram on your device.
  3. Select Start Messaging.
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  4. Enter the phone number you want to use.
    z3 20
  5. Enter the code you received from the SMS.
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  6. Start messaging people.

Making a Telegram account is straightforward, but you might not want to give the company your actual personal digits. Fortunately, these alternatives will help.

Maximum Privacy

With many people migrating to Telegram from other social media platforms, it’s no wonder the company is experiencing this much growth. Though its phone number requirement seems antithetical to Telegram’s values, it’s something you must accept – at least, for now. The good news is you’re not legally required to give your actual number.

What did you use when registering for Telegram? What do you think about the requirement? Let us know in the comments section below.


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