How to Use Zoom Breakout Rooms for Focused Meetings

In the era of remote work and online communication, video conferencing platforms have become an essential tool for businesses and organizations around the world.

One of the most popular and versatile platforms for video conferencing is Zoom, which offers a wide range of features that can help facilitate effective communication and collaboration.


One of these features is the Zoom breakout room, which allows meeting hosts to divide participants into smaller groups for focused discussions or activities. This article explores how to use Zoom breakout rooms effectively to improve the productivity and engagement of your virtual meetings.

How to Set Up Breakout Rooms in Zoom

One of Zoom’s most useful features is the ability to set up breakout rooms, which allow participants to split into smaller groups for discussions or activities.

This can be especially helpful in large meetings or classes where it’s important to give everyone a chance to participate and engage. For new users, you need to download the Zoom app for your desktop or mobile device to access this feature.

  1. Schedule or start a meeting in Zoom.
  2. Click on the Breakout Rooms button in the bottom toolbar.
    Zoom breakout rooms screenshot

  3. Choose the number of breakout rooms you want to create and how you want to assign participants to those rooms (manually, automatically, or letting participants choose).
  4. If you choose to assign participants manually, you can drag and drop participants into specific rooms.
    • On the other hand, if you chose to assign them automatically, Zoom will randomly assign participants to rooms.
  5. Click on Create Breakout Rooms to create the rooms and assign participants.
  6. If you need to change the room assignments later, you can click on Recreate to recreate the breakout rooms and reassign participants.
  7. To join a breakout room, participants can click on the Join Breakout Room button that appears on their Zoom screen.

Once you have set up breakout rooms, you can use them to facilitate small group discussions or activities during your Zoom meeting.

How to Assign Participants to Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Assigning participants to roomsscreenshot

Assigning participants to breakout rooms in Zoom is a useful way to ensure that everyone is properly organized and engaged.

  1. Start by scheduling your Zoom meeting and enabling the breakout room feature by going to the Settings menu in your Zoom account.
    Zoom account page screenshot

  2. Once you’ve enabled breakout rooms, you can set the number of rooms you want to create and the number of participants you want in each room.
  3. After setting up the breakout rooms, you can manually assign participants to each room. To do this, click on the Assign button next to each room and select the participants you want to assign.
  4. Alternatively, you can let Zoom automatically assign participants to rooms based on certain criteria, such as random assignment or balanced distribution.
  5. Before starting the breakout rooms, you can also send a message to all participants with instructions on how to join their assigned rooms.
  6. During the breakout session, you can move between rooms to check in on participants and provide support as needed.
  7. Once the breakout session is over, Zoom will automatically end the rooms and bring all participants back to the main meeting.

By following these simple steps, you can assign participants to rooms in Zoom and make your virtual meetings and classes more engaging and productive.

Bringing Groups Back Together in Zoom

Bringing groups back to the main meeting from breakout rooms in Zoom is relatively easy.

  1. As the host, click on the Close All Rooms button at the bottom right of your screen to close all breakout rooms and bring everyone back to the main meeting room.
    Bring Participants back to meeting screenshot

  2. Alternatively, you can also choose to end breakout rooms individually. To do this, click on the Breakout Rooms button and select the room you want to end. Then, click on End Room.
  3. Before closing the breakout rooms, give the groups a clear signal or warning that the breakout session is coming to an end. This will give them time to wrap up their discussions and make any final points.
  4. Once you have closed all the breakout rooms, you may want to do a quick recap of the key points or takeaways from each group. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the group stays focused.
  5. Finally, you can resume the main meeting and continue with your agenda.

The Best Practices for Using Zoom Breakout Rooms

To get the most out of the breakout room feature on Zoom, you need to follow the best practices to enhance your experience:

  • Plan Ahead: Make sure you have a clear plan for how you will use breakout rooms in your meeting.
  • Set Clear Objectives: Clearly communicate the objectives and expectations for each breakout room session.
  • Assign Roles: Assign a facilitator for each breakout room, who will be responsible for leading the discussion and keeping the group on track. The facilitator has to be organized and confident in Zoom meetings.
  • Monitor the Breakout Rooms: During the breakout room sessions, monitor the discussions to ensure that everyone is participating and that the objectives are being met.
  • Bring Everyone Back Together: At the end of the breakout room session, bring everyone back together to share their findings and insights.
  • Get Feedback: After the meeting, ask for feedback from participants to improve the breakout room experience for future meetings.

Unlocking Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity in Zoom Meetings

Zoom breakout rooms are a valuable feature that can greatly enhance collaboration and productivity in meetings. By utilizing breakout rooms, participants can engage in focused discussions, brainstorming sessions, and group work in a more efficient and effective manner.

With a little planning and organization, breakout rooms can help to create a more inclusive and engaging meeting environment that encourages participation and fosters creativity. By taking advantage of the many benefits of Zoom breakout rooms and other amazing features, teams can unlock their full potential and achieve greater success in their meetings and projects.


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