How to View Deleted Messages in Telegram

Telegram is famous for the privacy it offers its users. This security is so good that it can become an obstacle to users who have accidentally deleted a few of their messages and need to get them back.

How to View Deleted Messages in Telegram

While there is no in-app feature to recover deleted messages due to their top-tier security measures, do not give up hope just yet. There may be other ways to see your messages one last time. Read on as we go through every step to retrieving your once-lost Telegram messages.

Steps to Retrieve Deleted Messages on Telegram

If you’re looking to retrieve deleted messages on Telegram, there are several methods available. One super effective approach is exporting your data using the Telegram Desktop version. Here’s a detailed guide on how to recover deleted Telegram messages by exporting your data.

Exporting Data to Recover Deleted Messages on Telegram

While locating deleted messages on Telegram might be challenging, there is a way to do it.

  1. Download the desktop version of Telegram to your computer.
    How to View Deleted Messages in Telegram
  2. Log in to your account.
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  3. Tap the three lines in the top left corner of your screen.
    1686353463 31 How to View Deleted Messages in Telegram
  4. Click on “Settings.”
    1686353463 345 How to View Deleted Messages in Telegram
  5. Tap on the advanced options for additional settings.
    1686353463 532 How to View Deleted Messages in Telegram
  6. Find and select the “Export Telegram Data”.
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  7. Choose the category of deleted chats or messages you want to recover (e.g., Personal Chat, Bot Chats, Private Group).
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  8. Next, click “Export.”
    1686353463 864 How to View Deleted Messages in Telegram

Congrats! You should now have access to any deleted messages, which will be sorted in the designated chat folders. Make sure you actually want to delete a message next time, so you won’t have to go through the trouble of recovering it if you change your mind.

Understanding Deleted Messages on Telegram

Telegram is a bit unique in how it handles a message after you’ve hit the “Delete” button. You should see it instantly disappear from your chat history, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good.

Unlike other messaging apps that instantly obliterate these messages from their servers, Telegram labels them as deleted and keeps them in storage. That means that for the time being, they’re stashed away in a top-secret Telegram server. While they won’t stay there forever, this gives you a rare opportunity to get your messages back.

Limitations to Data Exportation

Almost everyone should be able to recover their deleted texts by exporting their data, but it’s not a universal fix. For example, if both parties in a chat deleted a text, Telegram won’t be able to restore it. Those messages are outside of the database and truly gone for good.

You will also have to find a different way to move forward in group chats where only administrators can delete chat content. In this case, your best bet is to get in touch with the group admins and see if they’re willing to go through the above steps for you.

Alternative Methods to See Deleted Messages

If you don’t have a desktop available on which to download Telegram, there are some outside-of-the-box solutions you can try.

  • Try researching third-party applications. Some companies have created programs capable of retrieving deleted Telegram chats. You may have to navigate outside of the Telegram ecosystem, so make sure you trust any apps that you download for this.
  • Reach out to the friend you were messaging. They should still have access to the deleted texts. As long as they have a computer, they can use the data export method to get your messages back and send them your way.
  • Back up your messages beforehand. There are several apps that automatically back up your messages so you will always be able to rescue them. Even if you delete texts from Telegram, their copies will remain available within the app.

These fixes aren’t perfect: if you haven’t backed up your messages already, there’s no use doing so now. Try each one of them and you may have a shot at seeing your texts again.

Recovering a Deleted Telegram Account

Maybe you went even further than deleting messages and deleted your entire account. If you’re having second thoughts or miss your Telegram friends, it’s not too late. These steps will get your account running again in no time.

  1. Open google in your browser.
    How to View Deleted Messages in Telegram
  2. Search telegram support and open official website. 
    1686353463 92 How to View Deleted Messages in Telegram
  3. Write a request note regarding your account recovery.
    1686353463 468 How to View Deleted Messages in Telegram
  4. Enter your email id and the phone number on which account was registered & tap “Submit.”
    1686353463 264 How to View Deleted Messages in Telegram
  5. After you’ve executed the following steps, you will have to wait for the support group to contact you with a response to your request.

That’s all it takes to set your Telegram account back up. You’ll have all the data and contacts you had before.

Protecting Your Telegram Account

Retrieving deleted messages isn’t straightforward since user privacy and security are such a priority on Telegram. It’s so heavily encrypted that not even Telegram staff themselves can see the messages you’ve sent. This is all for your account’s safety, but you should still be able to recover your deleted messages anyway.

Download the desktop version of Telegram and try exporting your data to your computer. If that doesn’t work or you can only use Telegram on your phone, recruit a friend to help out.

Never Lose Your Telegram Messages Again

Telegram’s fortress-like nature can be a drawback if you need to recover deleted texts. Always back up your texts beforehand so there will be no risk of losing deleted messages forever. And finally, make sure not to delete any messages you may need in the future.

Telegram is secure enough that you can trust its servers to protect your texts. Have you ever had to get your deleted messages back? If so, were you successful? Let us know in the comments section below.


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