This incredible video shows a husband and wife’s amazing encounter with a group of humpback whales.

32-year-old David Edgar and his wife Alice, were diving in the beautiful crystal-clear waters off the islands of Tonga in the South Pacific.

The couple were following a group of three humpback whales—a mother, her calf, and a male escort.

Amazingly, the curious calf came right up to Alice.

Professional underwater photographer David was able to capture these gorgeous images and video that showed the ‘little’ humpback seemingly ‘dancing’ with his wife.

David, who’s from Sydney, Australia, said,  “It was one of those amazing days in the South Pacific where the water was perfectly flat and there was hardly a breath of wind.”

“We followed a group of three humpback whales who were swimming slowly around a shallow reef for about an hour.


“The video captures the moment where a young humpback calf swims toward Alice in a moment of mutual curiosity.

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“The whales are often as curious as us as we are of them, which can make for some really amazing moments underwater.”

(WATCH the viral video below.)

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