In a tweet on Wed., Enrique Mora, who represented the EU in Vienna talks, wrote, “Travelling to Tehran where I will meet my counterpart at a critical point in time. As coordinator of the JCPOA, I will raise the urgency to resume #JCPOA negotiations in Vienna.”

“Crucial to pick up talks from where we left last June to continue diplomatic work,” he added.

‘I will raise urgency to resume JCPOA talks in Vienna.': Mora

Earlier, Bloomberg TV Network quoted European officials who had announced that a senior European official (Deputy EU Foreign Policy Chief Enrique Mora) will travel to Tehran in the coming days to agree on a date for the restart of talks with Iran.

It should be noted that six rounds of Vienna talks have so far been held with the aim of facilitating return of the United States to JCPOA but despite acknowledgment of progresses by the Western parties involved in nuclear talks, no concrete results have yet been achieved.