A dying dog was able to play in the snow for a final time after a Utah ice rink delivered buckets of snow to her home—bringing joy to the winter-loving pup in its final hours.

Marianna Wilson and Elijah Saltzgaber were heartbroken when they made the difficult decision to put down dog 11-year-old Maggie after a battle with cancer.

All her life Maggie loved to be in the snow, and the pair weren’t prepared to let her go without giving her one last weekend of wintery pleasure.

This included lots of her favourite meals, camping, and belly rubs—but they had no idea how they wound get hold of some snow in September.

Until Salt Lake County Ice Center answered their pleas and transported buckets of ice shavings over to their home for Maggie to play in once last time.

A spokesperson said: “It’s not always about skates and hockey pucks at County Ice Center.

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“Today was a bitter sweet day, as we had an opportunity to help make a difference for a very special dog, Maggie.

“This morning we filled bins, buckets, and the back of the van with ice shavings from the rink.

“Maggie enjoyed her last morning with her two favorite things, snow and her owners.”

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Here at GNN, we’re so glad Maggie was given such a special final day—and all thanks to local good samaritans.

(WATCH the video from SWNS below.)

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