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Instagram is doing its own 2022 Recap feature

In celebration of 2022 coming to an end, Instagram is releasing a brand new Reels template, 2022 Recap, for people to reflect on the meaningful moments they shared this year. It’s basically a way you share some of your fav posts from the last year, with your followers.

Everyone is obsessed with Spotify Wrapped, Netflix Wrapped, and BeReal has just launched a 2022 round-up feature too – so now really is the time when people are desperate for compilations of how they spent their time during the year.

The Instagram 2022 Recap feature is super easy to use, and will give you a perfect look at your year in a Reel format, through what you have shared. So, here’s everything it contains and how to get yours.

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What is the Instagram 2022 Recap?

The Instagram 2022 Recap is really easy to use and post, and entirely editable. Users can customise their 2022 Recap Reel by choosing a narrated template and selecting up to 14 photos to share with their community to be automatically edited into a complete Reel ready to share with followers.

You’ll get notified to create your Reel, should you want to, and all you have to do is select the photos you want to be part of it, and Instagram does everything else for you. At the end you have your video ready to post.

There are a few different templates you can set your recap to, including ones from Bad Bunny, Priah Ferguson who plays Erica in Stranger Things, DJ Khaled and Badshah.

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As part of its 2022 Recap, Instagram has also released some stats about some of the most popular trends within the app. This includes the list of the most popular songs used in Reels by all users in 2022, and some of the most popular beauty hashtags.

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So, to create your Recap Reel, all you need to do is head to the app and get selecting your pictures and template! Go go go!


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