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Iran, Latvia stress expansion of bilateral relations

During the meeting that was held on Friday evening via videoconference, Latvian President Egils Levits said that the year 2021 is the anniversary of the recognition of the independence of the Latvian government by Iran and the establishment of relations between the two countries. For this reason, Latvia is always grateful for this historic action of Iran.

He explained that there are good capacities in the transport and agricultural sectors between the two countries, which should be used well. He also stressed his country’s interest in bilateral cooperation with Iran in the economic, scientific and cultural fields.

Masoumifar, for his part, pointed to the 100th anniversary of the recognition of Latvian independence by Iran, saying that Iran never recognized the occupation of Latvia since World War II, and this is a solid foundation and a valuable asset for maintaining and developing friendly relations between the two countries.

In addition to agriculture and forestry, the two countries can also cooperate in the fields of pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, exports of goods and services, and joint ventures and technology transfer.

The two sides also discussed the continuation of political consultations, the expansion of parliamentary cooperation and the formation of parliamentary friendship groups, cultural, scientific and academic cooperation, especially the strengthening of the Persian language teaching project at the Riga Technical University and the exchange of professors and students. 


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