Brigadier General Rasoul Sanaei-Rad made the remarks on Thu. on the sidelines of the graduation ceremony for military cadets of Iran’s Armed Forces Academies and reiterated that the powerful Islamic Iran will not allow presence of terrorists, whether Takfiris or Zionists, on northwestern borders of the country.

Turning to the recent incidents took place in northwestern region of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the brigadier general said, “In the events that are taking place in the northwestern part of the country, we know that Zionist regime and some trans-regional powers are behind these incidents and seek to take advantage of neighboring countries for their benefits.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Brigadier General Sanaei-Rad referred to the recent military drills launched by Iran’s Armed Forces in northwest part of the country and stated, “Staging a military drill entitled ‘Conquerors of Kheibar’ in northwest part of the country conveyed a strong message to enemies of the country that Islamic Republic of Iran will not allow presence of terrorists, whether Takfiri or Zionist, near its borders.”

Islamic Republic of Iran opposes any geopolitical changes in the region and considers it ‘important’ to preserve its territorial integrity, observe international law, respect international rights and also rights of its neighbors, Political Deputy of Political-Ideological Office of Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces added.