Addressing the Presidency of the United Nations Security Council in a letter,  Iran’s permanent Ambassador to the United Nations warned against any miscalculations and possible military adventure of the Zionist regime against Iran and its nuclear program.

In this letter, Majid Takht-Ravanchi noted that the Zionist Regime’s provocative moves and adventurous threats have been intensified in recent months.

His remarks come as Zionists’ military chief recently claimed that the regime will continue its hostile moves against Iran and its nuclear program.

The Zionists’ move to threaten one of the members of the United Nations is in blatant violation of international law under the Charter of the United Nations, Takht-Ravanchi stressed.

He also added that the UN Security Council must fulfill its responsibilities under the UN Charter and hold the Zionist regime to account for the consequences of its illegal moves.

The Islamic Republic of Iran reserves the right to defend itself decisively in the face of any threat or wrongdoing of the Zionist Regime, the envoy further asserted.