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Iran’s Mahan Air resumes charter flights to Afghanistan

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Amid the resumption of flights to Kabul airport by the Qatari, Pakistani and UAE airlines, a charter flight between Mashhad in northeastern Iran and the Afghanistan capital of Kabul was conducted by Mahan Air earlier today.

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After the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization and Afghanistan’s Civil Aviation Organization issued the necessary permits, regular flights have now resumed between Mashhad and Kabul. Today, Mahan Airl took a number of passengers to Kabul Airport in the form of a charter flight, while the same plane is on the way back to Tehran.

Previously, charter civilian flights between the holy Iranian city of Mashhad and the Afghan capital of Kabul were carried out by Mahan Air twice a week.

Today’s flight by Mahan Air carried 19 passengers from Mashhad to Kabul in the form of a charter flight. Also, 26 passengers are being flown back to Mashhad on board Flight 1148.

The Airbus 310 landed at Mashhad Shahid Hasheminejad Airport at 13:30 today.


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