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    Iran’s nuclear activities not to stop until bans fully lifted


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    Iran's nuclear activities not to stop until bans fully lifted

    “The US must lift anti-Iran sanctions [and only] then Tehran would resume compliance with [the] JCPOA,” Seyed Abbas Araghchi said in an interview with Press TV in Vienna on Thursday after a meeting with the Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi.

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    “As long as the US has not removed all its sanctions and not returned to the JCPOA none of Iran’s nuclear activities, especially in the field of uranium enrichment, will stop or even slow down,” he added.

    He noted that production of 20 percent uranium is going on at full speed and at a speed higher than what the Iranian parliament had asked for, and will continue like that until an agreement is reached and the US removes all its sanctions in one step.

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    “Our talks continue with Europe, Russia and China. It is not right that they say we talk to Europeans and they, in turn, talk to the US. We are negotiating with the current members of the JCPOA – that is, three European countries plus Russia and China – and the European Union, which coordinates the JCPOA. Then they talk to Americans in their own way and inform them of the result,” Araghchi highlighted.

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    Deputy foreign minister said that there are signs indicating that Americans are reviewing their stances and moving toward removal of all sanctions, “but negotiations have not reached a conclusion yet.”

    “I think we have a long road ahead of us although our movement is forward and the general atmosphere governing negotiations in a constructive one,” he added.


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