Is Bethenny Frankel Joining RHONY’s Legacy Series? She Says…

Bethenny Frankel isn’t exactly rushing to take a bite out of Bravo’s new Big Apple series. 

The network previously announced the creation of a Real Housewives of New York City legacy show, and while many fans had hoped to see the OG star join the cast, she shut the idea down on the May 13 episode of her Just B podcast.

“I’m just so proud of myself that I really can honestly say there is no amount of money to do something that you don’t love,” Bethenny explained. “I’m now that person that can actually say, ‘I’ve really taken so many things off the board to focus on what makes me happy and not do the things that don’t.'”

One such thing? RHONY. “Housewives coming back and them reaching out to me, and me just saying, ‘No. Just, no,'” Bethenny recalled. “I don’t want to be on the Housewives; I don’t want to go back to Housewives.'”

She continued, reflecting on her decision to leave the show (for a second time) following season 11. “When I left, I left millions of dollars on the table,” she said. “Millions of dollars. Multiple millions. Not two—multiple millions of dollars on the table to walk away for a better life for myself.” 

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