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Israel settlers steal cattle from Palestinian farmers

Illegal Jewish settlers today stole six cows owned by Palestinians in the north of Jordan Valley region, as the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory and violence by settlers continue.

According to the Palestine News Agency (WAFA), local Palestinian rights activist Aref Daraghmeh reported that settlers under the protection of Israeli occupation forces stole six cows owned by Palestinian farmers, sedating some of the cows with anesthesia in the process.

The theft of the livestock today is the latest reported incident of illegal foreign settlers making off with cattle owned and herded by local Palestinian farmers in the Jordan Valley region and Israeli-occupied West Bank.

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Along with the regular attacks on Palestinians and their villages and the destruction of their crops and olive trees, the theft of Palestinian-owned livestock is a common occurrence in the occupied territories and surrounding areas.

Such practices often take place in the presence and under the protection of Israeli occupation forces, who allow the settlers to commit their violence with little to no repercussions.

The soldiers and settlers also reportedly prevent Palestinian shepherds from herding in open pastures with the aim of forcing them to abandon their lands, gradually increasing the expansion of the occupation and construction of illegal Jewish-only settlements.

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